Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fantasy hockey?

Hey, before I forget, how much interest would there be for starting up a Yahoo fantasy hockey pool? I seem to recall it being totally awesome back when I last did it in my EiC year, what with all the drafting and the trading and line combinations and whatnot. It'd be great to get at least ten or so people, so if you're interested, respond to this--and if you have any friends who you think would like to join (or really, any friends at all), use the little letter icon to email this post to them so they can come here and respond as well. Thanks, bitchbots!


mike w said...

The only pool I ever partaked in was in Junior High, with the Annual Playoff Pool. My strategy was to pick teams that would go deep, like Pittsburgh, only to watch them flame out with me ten dollars poorer.

That said, I think I will DESTROY YOU ALL.

Dave (Berry) said...

I shall also partake, though I tend to be absolutely terrible at pools. Just so you all know.