Saturday, July 30, 2005

He haunts us so...

Jason Bonsignore: bon vivant, lover of women, and the Oilers worst draft pick ever.

Thought I'd throw up a draft post/thread if anyone feels like picking apart today's draft. I don't have cable so I'm following the pixelated version on, and it sure feels anticlimatic to watch us pick 25th. Anyone else find it sick that these kids were born in 1987?

For one, I'm relieved the Oilers didn't trade up. Trading Brewer for unproven high draft is nonsense, and I think it's better to see how our promising prospects play out in 2005.


mike w said...

Cultural Anthropology Notebook:

Notice how all the hockey players have 70s haircuts now. In the early 90s that was guaranteed to get yourself called "a fag" in most prairie small towns, hence the variant strain of mullets endemic to hockey.

Dave (Berry) said...

Andrew Cogliano! Cogliano!!!!!

At least it was a consensus pick for once. Hopefully he isn't one of the incredibly fast people with absolutley no hands, like, uh, everybody else on our team.

mike w said...

So what will it be, Steve Kelly or a Mike Comrie?

Bob McKenzie had Cogliano at 18th, so not bad. No I wish I had gotten into that sold out St. Mike's Majors game. No more Ninnimaki swinging for the fences.

Kevin Prendergast: terrible suit!

Dr G said...

Don't forget small and a U.S. college guy.
Five-foot-nine? (Wash took a 6-5 and a 6-7 with their two picks) and he's eaded to Michigan for two years — possibly one, with a year in the WHL to polish him off.

Dr. G said...


Cogliani played for the St. Mike's Buzzards, their jr. A team, not the Majors.

Yes, what has happened to Pendergast. Has he also had that pencil moustache. Plus he looked like he was going to vomit as he blurted out the pick withoht the requisite thanks ottawa/fans.

Chris! said...

Those were just about the biggest lapels in the world. Yee.

As for trading up, I'm not surprised in the least that the Oilers didn't go for a top spot. I am, however, somewhat disappointed that they didn't try harder for Kopitar (especially once it became clear that he was still going to be around after 10), Hanzal or McArdle, all of whom bring a combination of size and talent that the Oilers are going to need up front in the coming years. We're turning into a pretty small team once you look past the blue line, and while a guy like Cogliano is a good, logical pick at 25th, holy god is he tiny. If all it was going to cost was a second- or third-round pick to get someone with some size, it might have been worth it.

Huh. And I just heard Bettman announce that Carolina has traded Jeff O'Neill to the Leafs for a conditional pick in 2006.

mike w said...

>Cogliani played for the St. Mike's Buzzards

Woops. Thanks, Collin.

>Jeff O'Neill to the Leafs for a conditional pick in 2006

Weird. I wonder what the "conditional" part is. Seems like a giveaway to me.

Dr. G and the women said...

The fact that it's the 1970s again isn't so bad. Like the planets aligning, all my suits are currently in style.

Anyone else left wondering about this "new NHL" that some GMs are preparing for. Will the small skilled player rule in an age when humans in general are becoming huge. And in a league that hasn't been able to keep obstruction at bay for more than two weeks of any given preseason.
The book on McArdle is that he'll have to bulk up from an already solid 5-11, 195 to survive with his physical game in the NHL, re: Jordan Tootoo, Barrett Jackman, and a few other spunky middleweights.

Duff McKagen said...

So, we all hit the wall at about 1 p.m. on Saturday. I had to watch a rodeo then drink eight beers. What's your excuse?

Pierre LeBrun has a pretty good pice in the Monday papers about how strange Monday is going to feel. Nashville with something to do, Toronto without a pot to piss in, and where the market will be calibrated. I suggest seeking it out.

As for right now, Showgirls is on A-Channel. Oh, Elizabeth Berkley. Why can't you trust?


Chris! said...

How much of that movie did they have to cut out to garner it the A-Channel Prime Ticket Movie Seal of Approval?

Me, I have a draft sitting in the wings waiting for completion about the declining average size of the Edmonton draftee; it was mostly done, but then I ended up getting past that one helicopter training mission in GTA, and now I have the jetpack, and... you know. I didn't even do any work for my /real/ job, let alone this.

Tonight, though. Totally.


mike w said...

>then I ended up getting past that one helicopter training mission in GTA, and now I have the jetpack...

Here's a fun thing to do: jet pack to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, land there, start blowing cars, people, etc for 20-30 minutes and then try to make a run for home base when you egt 4-5 stars against you, and it raises your skill level/reputation.

Also have you found the Senator Hillary Clinton dis-approved sex scenes easter egg? said...

Showgirls was on at midnight and it looked uncut. Mind you, I only watched for ten minutes before suddenly losing interest.
GTA! — I found this the otherday. Get on top of the cable car in San Fierro. This is diffucult, but it baffles the cops. They run in circles as you zip through the city bathing bystanders in flames and tossing grenades at hastily fashion roadblocks, which the trolley smashes. Also you're moving too fast to be shot up too badly.
This can go on for a long time if you have a rocket launcher.
The Easter egg needs a download for PS2 and I'm baffled about how to do this. Anyhelp?