Thursday, July 21, 2005

A little too late?

Apparently Mark Messier is still looking to play, and not just in New York. According to the National Post, Mess says he's fielding offers from all 30 GMs and he didn't rule out Edmonton. "I've learned to never say never," he told the Journal.

As for Lowe:
"He's technically not a free-agent until August 1 and I don't want to get my wrist slapped. So, I guess I'll say no comment."

Some old time Oilers fans might wet there pants at the news, but we have to remember this old geezer hasn't played hockey in a year and half. He did pop off 18 goals in 2003 but at 45 he's long lost all of the speed and acceleration he once had. Even signing him as a 4th line centre might be disasterous a la Adam Oates. Then again we did sign Todd Harvey for some reason and I think he's scored 8 goals in three year or something like that.

The other knock against Mark Messier is what he'd do to team chemistry. We've all heard about Mess' great leadership, whatever that means, so much that it almost has to be not true anymore. All I ever read in the Post or Times was that for the last 8 years or so the Rangers dressing room has been mostly dysfunctional, that and they haven't won anything in years. I dunno, a year ago we maybe could have used him, but with the glut of half-decent younger free agents coming out, it seems foolhardy to waste time on a veteran with so much going against him. I wonder if the Oilers should bother at all with too many older guys (like our other favourite temptation, Doug Weight) and keep the team young and speedy. It might be the safest bet stepping into the Big Unknown of October...


Chris! said...

Shit, Mike, you beat me to it. This Messier rumour is a joke, and could only be more of a joke if it turned out to be true.

Also, Randy!