Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Schedule: More of our favourites

Ugh, well I've returned from the salt mines to take a look at the new schedule, and things look grim indeed.

First up, I like the idea of a MLB-styled Interleague schedule, but it may not work in the NHL as succesfully as it does in baseball. The MLB has two somehwat distinct leagues run under different rules which affect strategy, not to mention a non-regional setup which means rivalries are stronger between close teams that never play each other (New York, for example). There's not much difference between the two conferences except one sucks more right now and we ain't it.

As for the Oilers, playing a division rival eight times, twice as much as last year makes it a much more difficult schedule to play under. I loathe Vancouver! Everything about it including the city itself, but especially the knucklehead team, with their Stanley Cup contending ways. Then there's that Calgary team and oh, yeah Colorado.
So I guess it's safe to say we're in the wrong division.

There's one big east coast swing mid-season, but it's mostly inter-conference play (the other divisions teams are played about 4 times each) for the season. Bring on Minnesota Pay-Per-View!!