Monday, July 25, 2005

takin' out the trash!

From the Associated Press:

DETROIT (AP) - The Detroit Red Wings placed defenseman Derian Hatcher and forwards Darren McCarty and Ray Whitney on waivers Monday, effectively cutting ties with the three high-profile veterans.

If the players go unclaimed, the Red Wings have the option of buying out their contracts and making them unrestricted free agents.

Hatcher's contract calls for a salary of $4.94 million this season, Whitney is due $2.66 million and McCarty $1.71 million.

Ray Whitney for $2.66 million? How fast can we load Isbister into a cannon and fire him into the sun to free up the cash?

Oh no, wait--we don't have to do that anymore; the Oilers are like, bajillionaires who can afford the best hockey players in all the enchanted stick-meadows of Pucktasia now, right?

Still, Isbister? Cannon? Sleep on it.


mike w said...

Whitney replaces Isbister? Sure. Although Whitney's kind of small and doesn't always pick up on defence. Plus, what we need an upgrade on is in right wing and centre. I like Smyth, Torres and Moreau on LW as it is.

Isbister is kind of terrible. I think we got him for his size since he really doesn't score a whole bunch. He's got good hands but he plays like a small man, and gets knocked off the puck easily. He's the inverse of Georges Laraque. He's also a bit of a pussy. And he looked fucking fat coming into 2003 training camp! But I think buying him out because he's about $400-500 overpaid isn't worth it. That's another player we could sign. Plus, you never know with injuries...

Chris! said...

Didn't consider the position thing. A fine point.

But I don't know if buying Isbister out isn't worth it. But I hate how we're going to insist on giving up a plum second-line LW position to a guy who basically brings the same skillset to the table as a Josh Green and Chad Kilger. And really, Isbister's more than $400-500,000 overpaid; he made $1.95 million in 2003/04--and that was he amazingly convinced the Oilers to double his salary from $900,000 (what he's still actually worth, in my mind) to $1.8 million following his trade the year before.

$2 million for a big but timid winger who doesn't play well in traffic or fight and who scored a whopping 10 goals and 18 points in 51 games? That's money I think we have to free up; Isbister to too grim a reminder of how regularly the Oilers squandered what little money they had before this year's super cash bonanza.