Wednesday, July 20, 2005


As you can see from the picture, I'm a foam puckhat-wearing Oilers fan, but one not without his ability to reflect between periods...

Is Jason Smith vastly overvalued?

Why isn't a blocked shot a stat anymore?

Of course, with the lockout having just ended I have no idea exactly what I think about this team or the NHL. I can barely remember what I did for my birthday last year, let alone who was good on the 2003 Oilers. That said, I intend for this blog to be something close to hockey chatter, but it also might echo a faint sense of what being a hockey fan in Edmonton might mean, in that wistful Ken-Dryden-The-Game malaise sense of the word. Like, almost literary or something.

That said, if you were to look for an "angle" an ideological "bent" coming from this blog, it would certainly be this: the sports media in Edmonton offer nothing more than piffle designed to reflect what Oilers ownership wants them to say. At best, they're cheerleaders, paid fans even, and never offer any investigative journalism to speak of. And I'm fine with that. As for Oilers ownership, they've gotten a free ride on this "small market" business for too long. The truth is we don't know how much the Oilers actually make, and being a private company we'll probably never find out. But signs would point to a team that isn't doing half bad. I won't harp on it for now, but much of my whiny complaints can be read here.

Also co-authoring this blog will be Salisbury Composite High School graduate Chris Boutet, who is a funnier and better writer than me. But he is also ... MY FRIEND. We've spent many a beer-soaked evenings in the shittiest bars ever watching the Oilers lose 3-1 to Columbus.

So, um, check us out! We'll try to keep the postings fresh.


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