Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Hey. So I was just puttering around on the TSN website, and I'm looking at the list of Oilers currently under contract for the 05/06 season and their salary (US) with the 24 per cent rollback, as seen here...

Jason Smith $1.976 million
Steve Staios $1.615 million
Radek Dvorak $1.596 million
Ty Conklin $1.14 million
Brad Isbister $1.102 million
Ethan Moreau $1.102 million
Georges Laraque $1.083 million
Cory Cross $874,000
Alexei Semenov $760,000
Fernando Pisani $611,000
Marc-Andre Bergeron $608,000
Todd Harvey $528,200

...and it occurred to me that I had no idea Todd Harvey was an Oiler. And I usually know this shit.

So is this for real, or is it a mistake? And if it's true, when/why the hell did we get him? Weird.


mike w said...

Yep. We got him same time we sign Dvorak I think, just before the lockout. I guess he's okay as a checking 4th line centre, especially if Stoll struggles.

collin said...

Is this the same Todd Harvey you played for the Cambridge Hornets of the Original Stars Hockey League?
Son of a bitch, I'm sick of the CBA. I sepnt all fucking day to day trying to get player agents on the phone then still had a surly Dale Tallon to deal with. I left earlier than usual (head cold), and now I'l watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and that INXS monstrosity.
Oh, Becker is on.


Anonymous said...

Uh, looks like I was worng, Todd Harvey played Ontario SENIOR league hockey last winter. I screwed up my acronyms. Originally, I thought it OHSLsr. was a British thing, but Peter Zezel was playing in it, so I figured that it was that footnote to history, the Original Stars Hockey League.
I need to go eat a handfull of pills.


mike w said...

>Todd Harvey played Ontario SENIOR league hockey last winter

Heh. I saw that, too. One worries that Lowe is one of those GMs (like Sather) that simply notices another guy on an opposing team over the years and decides to sign him. Nevermind the fact he's not ever going to get better, and never mind the fact that Todd Harvey hasn't played much in two years.

Who's Dale Tallon?

Chris! said...

Dale Tallon?

Literally, he was Vancouver's first pick (second overall) in the 1970 entry draft, and he played six seasons with Chicago between 1973 and 1978 on his way to finishing his illustrious career in 1980 with 98 goals and 336 points in 642 games.

Figuratively, he's nobody.

collin said...

Actually, in a figurative sense, he's somebody.

Dale Tallon is the new, gruff GM of the Chigao Blackhawks. He took over from Bob Pulford in June.
MH Tigers Cam Barker (No. 3 overall in '04) is likely to get a good long look in training camp.

I spoke about this with a few player agents yesterday and I'm reading it implied in a few columns today: a lot of prospects will get their shot this year.
Most don't have another junior year to fall back on.
I guess it theoretically makes sense that a team would come out ahead.
If a future star develop while playing an NHL mid-range role while making an entry level (low-end) salary.

High-cap teams (Detroit, etc) could grease the tight economics.

It makes you wonder how many low end players (the Todd Harveys) will be drummed out of the league. And we all thought that it would only be the Lindrosses who would take that long raft ride to the middle of the ocean.


Turk McGurk said...

ALSO: Here's a big-ass compendium of NHL thoughts, espoused by Randy Sportak


"(in Edmonton) the likes of Scott Niedermayer, Paul Kariya, Doug Weight, Eric Lindros and Mark Messier (are) being bandied about."

It's funny how he screws up the metaphor there, usually "names" or "shuttlecocks" get bandied about, not actually players.

Anyway, Sportak is the Calgary Sun writer. So this might not be based on anything other than a logic stream.

- Neid and Kariya (who's not going to think about getting them?).

- Weight - looks like St.Louis is going to bite the bullet and NOT buy him out.
"That's just cash thrown into the river as far as I'm concerned," (Blues pres.) Mark Sauer told the Post Dispatch. "Let's not sugarcoat this, this isn't a fantasy sports league here. That's real money being paid."

Messier and Lindross — they've been bandied about already.