Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Centre: acquired!

Well, I'm doing this post from my shitty, shitty first-gen iMac at work, so I can't do anything fancy like link the article or post a picture with this post (I threw one in for ya Chris - Mike), but TSN just reported that Lowe traded Mike York and a conditional draft pick to the Islanders in exchange for Michael Peca.

Peca, as we all know, has twice been named defensive forward of the year, is one of the league's best open-ice checkers and an elite faceoff man. He's not the biggest point-getter (usually scoring in the neighbourhood of 15 goals and 40 points, which are good second-line numbers at least), but man, what a package. This is a big help for the Oilers up the middle, and as he's scheduled to make $3.99 on his current contract, he's coming at a decent price, too.

Now if only we hadn't had to lose York to get him. York, though a restricted free agent, was one of our most gifted and well-rounded players and had the potential to be a cornerstone of this team. Would have liked to see the two playing together. But I guess you have to give up something.

Mike Peca's stats:

1995-96 Sabres 68 11 20 31 67
1996-97 Sabres 79 20 29 49 80
1997-98 Sabres 61 18 22 40 57
1998-99 Sabres 82 27 29 56 81
1999-00 Sabres 73 20 21 41 67
2000-01 Did Not Play Statistics Unavailable
2001-02 Islanders 80 25 35 60 62
2002-03 Islanders 66 13 29 42 43
2003-04 Islanders 76 11 29 40 71

Mike York's stats:

1999-00 Rangers 82 26 24 50 18
2000-01 Rangers 79 14 17 31 20
2001-02 Rangers 69 18 39 57 16
2001-02 Oilers 12 2 2 4 0
2002-03 Oilers 71 22 29 51 10
2003-04 Oilers 61 16 26 42 15


Pleasure Motors said...

You know, while it's nice to have a centre, I think the Oilers bigger need was a game-breaker--a game-breaking centre would have been tops, but mostly just someone who can consistently put the puck in the net. I think that need is only amplified by trading York. I think Peca is a big pick-up, don't get me wrong, but I think we still need a proven scorer. Where that comes from, I don't know, but surely there's a free agent winger still available with some proven scoring punch.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, "two-time Frank Selke winner" sure doesn't sound like much bandied about one-shot triggerman who'll be arriving to rejuvenate Jasper Ave.

The Oilers are now spending an extra $5 million (Brewer and York equal Peca, I'd say), which means there's another $4-5 million before they hit what they were spending last year of hockey.

I think that maybe we can agree that the Oilers are somehow on the outside of the free-agent signing market, either by choice or some unknown force.

Can we expect Lowe to sit and wait for a mid-range centre once the market quiets down? And what pray tell will be left?


Pleasure Motors said...

A though: are the Oilers, perhaps, moving towards a trapping team? I mean, I know we swear up and down we'd never do it, but if you look at the most successful trapping teams of the past (the Devils come to mind, obviously), they generally play with a defensive core that has one or two standouts (Stevens, Niedermayer) mixed with a group that's solid but unspectacular (no one springs instantly to mind, which is sort of the point).

Scoring tends to be balanced between the top two lines, with maybe one or two sniper types to get the one goal leads you require. Considering our top two lines (barring another signing/trade) will be some combination of Peca, Smyth, Hemsky, Dvorak, uh, Reasoner, maybe Torres or Moreau, a group where everyone might be good for 40 points, but quite possibly no one for 60, and our blue line, even with Pronger, is pretty defence-heavy, maybe the Oilers are thinking tighter defence.

Or, at the very least, maybe they should be.


mike w said...

I think it's more to do with the fact that we we're (I think) 9th in Goals For and 16th in Goals Against.

I don't like the trade and I'll get around to posting why, but for now I'm pulling overtime, in the bad sense of the word.

That's right, Mr. Mike is proofreading ACS Media Trust Earnings reports at 1:00 am. Great job!

mike w said...

Oh and I added a photo because we LIVE IN A WORLD OF IMAGES.

Pleasure Motors said...

>>That's right, Mr. Mike is proofreading ACS Media Trust Earnings reports at 1:00 am. Great job!

Poor Wiggum. At least there's hockey news to keep you happy! Huh? Yeah? Happy!