Monday, August 1, 2005

Isbister: Gone!

Well, every Oiler fan got his wish and it looks like Isbister is gone
It makes the Niinimaa trade look that much worse, since all we could get for The Iz was a fourth round pick next year. A fourth round pick is the hockey equivalent to a 50/50 ticket, but what this trade does is clear up some salary and make room on LW for one of our non-centres centres like York or something. It's more sensible than buying him out.


Chris! said...

This is a good move. With Pouliot and Shremp proving to be worth a look at centre and Rita, the freshly-signed J.F. Jacques and dark horse Dragan Umicevic waiting for LW spots to open up, the Oilers have too much young talent sitting around to be wasting a roster spot and close to 2 mil on a washout like Isbister. Would have liked a warm body instead of a fourth-rounder, but really, it's probably a miracle we convinced Boston to take him at all.

Bah. Good riddance.

Dave (Berry) said...

The key words to Isbister: "good size". To paraphrase a basketball coach, "You can't teach good size." It's shameful that just because you're over six feet and 200 pounds, you're considered valuable, despite your complete lack of hands or hockey sense. Good riddance indeed.

Izzy Stradlin said...

I'm not sure but is Torres all that's left of that Isles trade?
That's not that bad.
I was at the 2003-04 home opener, and saw Torres turn Mike Rathje five ways from inside out on the opening rush.
20 goals that year, impressive, though a mid-level powerplay with Janni on point would probably done much more for the Oilers fortunes.
Also: are Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts now a couple?
From a Flames standpoint, this would hurt a lot more if the Flames weren't defending Western confernece champions.
Roberts actually retired due to injury, then demanded a trade to the travel friendly eastern conference, and the Flames got Iginla for Nieuwendyk during the dark salary dumping days.


Anonymous said...

Torres had a good NHL year, but I doubt he'll see 20 goals again any time soon. He was terrible with the Roadrunners last season, although granted, most of the Roadrunners weren't any better.

At the time of the trade, it was "Isbister the big guy who could turn into another Bertuzzi, and former first rounder Torres who might make the fourth line as an energy guy". This season will be make or break for Raffi, I think - which season of the last two will prove to be the glaring aberration?