Thursday, August 4, 2005

the latest chatter

Well, everytime there's been a lot of chatter about a player he seems to get traded or signed these days. The latest is Ray Whitney returning for a reduced price. Can't say there's any link or anything, just voices in the wind. I guess he'd play an off-wing or something.

Despite the collective Mangasm at the oilfan webboards, I think the Peca trade put us in a bind, overpaying a fading star not quite recovered from a serious knee injury. Plus we lost York, who I think was the best Oiler in the last 2 years (but that's another post, I guess). It's unclear whether Peca signed an extension though, so we'll see how much he costs in 2006 when really good free agents hit the market.

Anyway, off to the shit parade. I wish I had more time but alas, Injecto Mining TSX earnings reports beckon.


mike w said...

I may as well mention that Kariya "is being talked to".

Chris! said...

Hah. Please. Maybe we should be making sure we have enough money to sign our current restricted free agents before we think about Kariya. Whitney, though? Sure, why the fuck not, if he's cheap.

CG said...

I think I might have been on glue last night, when I said another sniper might be in the works.

Okay, I found my figures. Get ready for figures!!!

Oilers spent $35,667,000 on salaries in 03-04, and, according to the Leavitt Report, made a million in profit. Factoring in the Heritage Classic, I'm pegging $34 million as the absolute most that the Oilers will spend this year.

As of supper on Thursday, they had $22M and change committed. Smyth goes for $2.5M and Stoll-Torres-Hemsky-Marrkanen split up another $5.5M.

That's 30 million, with the need for three more forwards, and three more def.
Granted, these are Nos. 5, 6, 7 defencemen and scrub forwards, but the math is six players into 4 million.
Pouliot might make the team as money saving experiment.

I don't think Oilers can massage the payroll with what they've got left to trade.

- CG