Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lowe Interview

Looks the Oilers are finally upgrading their website in October, which was overdue. In the meantime they have added some new features to their temporary website, including a weekly webcast chat show thingie, this week with Kevin Lowe.

I'm always slightly hypnotized by Lowe's ever blinking (at least on TV), slightly stammering interviews, trying to figure out how intelligent he actually he is. Does he even know what he's talking about? What criteria does he use in deciding how good a player is? It makes me think I'll somehow get to the bottom of his trading for Isbister.
But as usual, he comes off fairly well and reasonable. The news is Ryan Smyth is gonna stay, he thinks Horcoff and Peca will have big years, Messier is more likely to retire and that he likely won't trade for a scoring centre just yet.

Also: Jes Golbez has some comments on some recent Oilers small-time transactions...