Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Parting Averted

My workmate Corrine, also pal and Toronto Maple Leafs (sic) fan, has added to our growing library of erotic hockey fiction. Her piece doesn't have the dollops of sex sauce that my own entry carried, but Corrine has taken a more mannered, Victorian approach,slow but steady, with plenty of romance, maybe leading to a promise of something ...more?

I've added a little freehand number, drawn in blue crayon, which features our pairing: Darcy Tucker (who looks more like Dave Navarro in my drawing) and that big borderline retarded Finn, Aki Berg.


 A Parting Averted

At last there was a moment when the two of them were alone together in the locker room and Aki Berg could say what had been on his mind."I'm glad you're not leaving, Darcy."
Darcy Tucker turned away from him, pulling a towel away from his shoulders to reveal his broad, gleaming back.
"Yeah, well. I don't know how much I would've wanted to go to Atlanta anyway."
"Your agent did an amazing job keeping that quiet. I didn't hear a word about it from anyone but you."
"They must've been holding out for Hossa. It just wasn't meant to be, I guess."
"Plus there was that time Marc Savard bit you."
"Oh yeah," Darcy said. "Don't think I've forgotten about that." Darcy looked over, showing the savage glint in his eyes that alwaysset Aki's pulse thrumming with a mixture of excitement and alarm, the look that meant someone would soon be sweating it out in physio.
"It's funny," he said, looking away to hide his discomfiture, "Ididn't even think I liked you when I came here."
"Yeah, me neither," said Darcy. "And now...."
Aki had to interrupt; he could not bear to hear him finish the thought.
"I always feel so safe when I know you're out there."
"I know you do, kiddo. You're in good hands."
As if to demonstrate, he placed one warm hand on the small of Aki'sback, drawing him nearer, leaning in so close Aki could almost feelhis breath on his shoulder.
"Not like you need me to look after you. You know how to handleyourself, don't you?" The richly knowing tone in his voice made Akiquiver.
"I-I-" he stuttered. They heard voices approaching and pulled apart."Just think about this," Darcy muttered before McCabe and Pilarlumbered into the room. "The goatee's coming off. Shannon thinks it'sbecause she's been bugging me, but…" He winked and they laughedtogether, a little breathlessly, stealing one last burning glance ateach other.


Anonymous said...

I hope Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk are sharing a mojito on Miami Beach right now. They're joining a club with a lot of young talent ... if you know what I mean.

case said...

leafs suck