Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, it looks like we can officially stop worrying about Eric Lindros being on Lowe's radar screen, as everyone's favourite big retarded lug just signed a one-year contract for $1.55-million with the Leafs. While that may be a relief for now, mind you, Lowe will have another crack at him next off-season, especially considering Peca's will almost certainly be gone. But still, for now, we've dodged a bullet.

And I know I talk a lot of smack about Lindros and the Leafs, but honestly, I think this is a good signing. Lindros is a prototypical Quinn player, and although he can't be anywhere near as physical as he once was, brings much-needed size to a fairly gangly forward squad. Plus, in the article Lindros sounds like he's the least gruntled he's been in years, so it'll be interesting to see how he performs on a team he actually likes and attaches some emotionality to. Because let's face it; even setting size aside, Lindros is an above-average talent. Whether or not he's still go it remains to be seen, I guess. But you can't argue with the price.

Also, Peter Weller.


Pleasure Motors said...

I was actually looking into this earlier, and it turns out that, since his last concussion (he came back in 2001-2002) he's scored about .86ppg, well below his average (1.21ppg), but still comparable to somone like Modano (.89ppg), who's making a whole lot more than he is (granted, Modano's played about 40 more games, but still, Lindros hasn't had a head injury since--he lost last season due to shoulder).

Anyway, uh, yeah: Lindros for 1.55mil is a decent deal, and, also, I can divide. Yay!

mike w said...

Lindros told the FAN 590 in Toronto that he's "going start trying to keep his head up" with Toronto.

Good call.

Can you believe this job of mine? I'm not leaving 'till at least three in the morning, which is sad 'cause I wanted to make a small rebuttal to the Smitty thing.
Also the Oilers finally got a AHL team to put all those minor leaguers -- the Iowa Stars, shared with Dallas of all teams!

CG said...

Here's my notebook clearing house dot-dot-dot column of a post:

So they're splitting ahl teams with the Canadiens (Hamilton) and the Stars (Iowa)? Weird. Maybe they can't have all that potential in one place or there will be a pandora's box reaction, like the scientists predicted at Los Alamos.

Mike consider yourself lucky. I have to drive to Swift Current tomorrow (for the second time in three days) and head back on a boring two-hour drive sometime after midnight.

Lindross -- I bet Lindross forgets to keep his head up. Seriously, how good can his memory be?

PPG -- When did this become such a popular stat? I first saw it a few years ago on U.S. college stat sheets. I assumed that they knew little of how sophisticated hockey-itions talked shop and were just borrowing the idea of a PPG stat from basketball. Now it's cropping up everywhere. What the fuck? Is it a video game thing? I'm old.

email steve simmons at the Toronto Sun.

Anonymous said...

am trying to find out where and what lindross is doing. can't even find any recent info on him. is he still playing? if so, for who? or is he now suffering permanent injury? is he still single, or married? we get loads on some others, but NOTHING ON HIM.