Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Trade Smyth?

Well despite my vitriolic posts, I have to give it to the HF Boarders: they're the eyes and ears of any Oiler fan, especially one who lives 3000km behind enemy lines without access to the usual Oilers amenities such as Brian Hall ("Tony Roma's Juicy PRIME RIB... smack ..smack...GOOD EATIN'!"), Morley Scott's endearingly sycophantic Oilers interviews and of course, Oilers talk radio, this time with Bob Stauffer's "Total Hockey" on the Team.

The latest is the suggestion that Ryan Smyth could be traded before the season begins, possibly for a centre. I kind of like this one, mostly because you could make the argument that he's at his peak value now with the Olympics hype and some good past few years. That doesn't mean he isn't good, but I think of him as 1A winger and he might be worth dealing for a true set-up centreman. But it'd have to be a truly good deal (like Smyth for Marleau) not like these side-step jobs Lowe seems to be in favour of (I mean, I still sting INSIDE when I think we could of grabbed Peca for someone other than York). There probably isn't a GM that is going to be out-smarted on this one though. Plus, for sentimental reasons, the golden mullet couldn't leave just for anything. Maybe it's bullshit? DISCUSS...


Pleasure Motors said...

I discussed this on the other one, so I won't go into a lot now, but Smyth for Brad Richards? Scoring centre, and Tampa needs to clear cap room. Plus, then maybe we could flip one of our middling centres and something for a decent winger to help him out. Yeah.

Although, as you allude to, I don't trust Lowe's ability to not get hosed at all, especially since he doesn't seem to realize that, in a salary dump move, you only need to have a better offer than anyone else, not necessarily a fair offer to the team who is dumping salary. Jesus, we should know that for being on the receving end of those fuck jobs for 10 years.


mike w said...

Well, in the sober light of day I think trading Smyth wouldn't get us much in return. By all indications, he's willing to sign long-term and relatively cheaply, which is almost worth as much as a player itself in cap terms.

Let their be rock said...

The Oilers are headed into this season with essentially their old team but with slightly better versions of their key personel.
Wouldn't we have all liked to see Pronger pushing Cross out of a spot, or Peca knocking Bishai down to the ECHL. Instead they lost their top defenceman for a top, albeit better, defencemen and got a much older gritty impact forward.
Is there any doubt they'd flip Smyth for a slightly different version of Smyth?

Brownlee mentions so-so former first rounder Stephen Weiss in an overcrowded Florida depthchart.