Friday, August 5, 2005

Welcome to Edmonton, fuckers

The Oilers had a "public lunchtime event" to introduce their new players outside their administrative offices on Kingsway Avenue.

"I Saw a Global and CHED truck already set up,
a truck with a fifth wheel trailer with Pork written all over it probably full of hot dogs.....BBQ stuff all set to go...they have music set up (Beach Boys
"Surfin' USA" when I was there - should have been Springsteen's "Glory Days")...the road leading to the Oiler Admin Office is blocked off between that
hotel and the AMA, so it might be easiest to park at Kingsway Mall... "

The Beach Boys, hot dogs, fifth wheelers, administrative offices at the end of a highway, next to a mall; these are the things that would make Flaubert lick his chops. On a side note, I once had sex in that hotel and then ate at the Smitty's in the mall. A single tear falls out of my eye whenever I drive past...


nikeisevil said...

Um... okay :-D

Pleasure Motors said...

I haven't seen this reported on anywhere, but apparently, according to TSN's payroll tracker, Ray Whitney signed with the Hurricanes, though terms haven't been disclosed. Guess he won't be coming home.

Also I had a theory about Lowe's free agent activity that I thought I might share, though, with most anyone who is even worth taking a flyer on pretty much gone, perhaps it was just idle speculation. Anyway, I was thinking, perhaps he was going to go for a few big names for big money, then when it came time to sign the RFAs--who are, by nature, unattractive to other teams due to compensation--say he didn't have enough money to sign them to bigger contracts, but look, hey, they have a chance to play for a team that's on the up-and-up, and isn't that more important than money? Sure, it might have pissed one or two of them off (mostly Smyth), but, at worst, they would just sign one-year deals, and we could go hunting for bigger-name, better free agents next summer (again, dangling the whole "We have good players!" thing).

Of course, it looks like anyone we might sign now would probably fit quite comfortably into our budget, so, yeah.

Hey, on that note, we still haven't heard Colin's theory--I'm still curious.


Anonymous said...

I have something worked up, but I need to proofread it when I'm sober.