Sunday, September 18, 2005

The first cut is the deepest...

...if, of course, by "deepest" you mean "most boring." Paring the training camp roster down to 47 players on Sunday, the Oilers made seven completely expected assignments, with six players heading back to their major junior teams and one, a relatively unremarkable left-winger named Tim Sestito, making a lateral move from a spot on the AHL's Bridgeport Sound Tigers (man, I love that name. I mean, regular tigers are scary enough—but a sound tiger? Holy fuck!) to the Hamilton Bulldogs. Whoo!

Players returned to play out their junior eligibility included LW Mike Duco (Kitchener, OHL), LW Fredrik Petterson (Calgary, WHL), LW Liam Reddox (Peterborough, OHL). D Roman Tesliuk (Kamloops, WHL), Colton Yellow Horn (Lethbridge, WHL), and D Bryan Young (Peterborough, OHL).

Yep, no surprises there. Duco's still a kid with tons of eligibility left, Petterson is skilled but small in a Salmelainen kind of way and there's no reason to rush him along either. Reddox, apparently, was kind of a disappointment at this year's camp; after two very impressive offensive seasons with the Petes, the Oilers were allegedly floating the idea of moving him up to the A, but were forced to think twice by an awkward and bewildered camp showing—oh, and the fact that we don't even have our own AHL team to move people up to anyhow. He remains one of the Oilers better prospects on the wing, however. By all accounts Roman Tesliuk and Bryan Young both had encouraging if unspectacular camps this year, so their reassignment comes as no surprise, given the depth of defensive prospects in the Oilers organization and their remaining junior eligibility. And Colton Yellow Horn? Well, as you can clearly see from the photo attached, he was thought "far too attractive" by Oilers brass to consider bringing up to the NHL or American League level at this time.

Oh, that's right, Colton Yellow Horn. Consider yourself zinged.


mike w said...

From what I heard on CHED (which is admittedly impressionistic) Yellow Horn was all over the puck in the rookie game. Rod Phillips/Morley Scott seemed high on him, too. Hockey DB has him listed as 5.07 feet tall, which, makes him the NHL's first midget!! Well not really, but even at 5"7 he's got the unfairest knock against him of all. Being 5"9ish myself I'm always pulling for the little guys like Bergeron or St. Louis, and if these new rules stick maybe we'll see more of 'em.

Plus, how are we going to keep up with Flames prospects with peculiar names? I thought they couldn't outdo themselves when they had Commodore or Montador, but now they got guys named Kris Chucko, Lynn Loyns, and a goalie with the triple word score name Medvedev.

Ball Breaker said...

Colton Yellow Horn - pure offensive talent. He's actually from Brocket, and I've seen him play three times in the last year. The last time he was in a knee-on-knee hit with Flames prospect Gord Baldwin that touched off 11 fights in the final seven minutes of a game at the Med Hat arena.
You might remember Yellow Horn from when he was absolutely destroyed by a hit from behind at the U18 world championships last spring. He was rammed him head first into the boards and since there was no other hockey it got looped on the highlight shows until Yellow Horn was virtually through the boards a little more each time.

He racked up some very good numbers (35 goals) last year in the WHL as a 17 year old, but yeah, he's small. Good on the Oilers for signing him to a free agent tryout. If he survives, I think he's a decent guy to take a chance on.


Dan-O-Mite said...

So is it the Bridgeport-Sound Tigers or the Bridgeport Sound-Tigers?

Anonymous said...

It's the Bridgeport-Sound Tigers.

And Reddox playing in the A???

Maybe check your facts, as he is ineligible to play in the AHL this year because of his age.

There was never any doubt that he would be returned to Peterborough.

Chris! said...

My mistake about Reddox; must have been thinking about someone else. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, anonymous.

Live wire said...

You're all wrong, it's the Bridge Port-Sound Tigers.
Also, who the fuck is Reddox? Where the fuck is Peter-borough?


Anonymous said...

hey its THEE BROCKET ROCKET!! well this guy is a real mean hockey player sure he'z small but shit he'z a hard hitter nd a fast skater ... all most good as clay plume or maybe even better ... well i've seen this guy work the puck ... HE'z A DANGLER!! nd a DAMN good one too .. but yea i sure hope this guy makes it big nd makes his home town PROUD ... well i juss hope that he makes it big cause it would be a shame too see talent go to waste that happens too much on my rez .. well good luck in the future colton l8az