Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The latest installment

You wanted updates, Covered in Oil gives you motherfucking updates!!!

I am but a humble and little man, and sometimes, when I'm not in my half cubicle at work, I draw the odd thing...

Behold! The latest installment of "Gone but not Forgotten," a carbon and ink ode to Oilers come and gone. This one is dedicated to sometime defenceman Gord Mark of the dreadful mid-90s Oilers.

We had a revolving door of floaters, but he stood out as something more personally emblematic of the team: likeable, even serviceable, but ultimately limited in skill or talent and probably singlehandedly contributed to a loss or two. So many one-goal losses at the hands of the likes of Brent Grieve, Adam Bennett, Ian Herbers, and another personal favourite, Bob Beers...



Anonymous said...

Winters, you're a joy.