Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lick my ass, Vancouver!

A sloppy, dreadful sounding game with lots of penalties, a poor Oilers powerplay and Conklin sounded really shaky early on. But hey, we won in a shootout again! Peca scored on a breakout centre lineless pass, Hemsky was buzzing and netted two, and Winchester apparently destroyed ex-Oiler Sven Butenschon with a bodycheck.

Of course Vancouver was without spinepuncher Todd Bertuzzi and his best pal Markus Naslund, but they still had those other, much uglier Swedes Henrik and Daniel Sedin. The Canucks are my most detested rival so I'll take any victory, even a preseasoner, and savour it like a fine port wine.


Chris! said...

You're a classy man, Mr. Winters.

Also, I'm somewhat surprised to hear you hate Vancouver even more than, say, the Leafs. Is Toronto finally starting to seep into your bloodstream there, buddy?

mike w said...

Well let me put it this way, if Toronto ever got rid of Darcy Tucker and Tie Domi they'd a lot more likeable (and I actually like the moves they made this summer). Moving out here has made me realize that Toronto fans are not much different than Oilers fans, there's a shared delusion which has its charm, although they're delusions of a different flavour.

Oilers fans are deluded into thinking their cup winning years were derailed by economics, and not mediocre/subpar management. They also harbour a paranoid suscipion that they are being ignored by the rest of the league/media/continent, which is why they go so nuts when we make the playoffs (this applies to Calgary as well).

Toronto fans, on the other hand, despite outward protestations, secretly believe they'll win the Cup no matter what geezers they end up throwing on the ice. The only difference is that there's millions of these Toronto fans, which is genuinely annoying to every other city in the league. Hence Leafs TV, the favourtism of Eastern National papers, and of course, the real germ of all Western alienation, CBC Hockey Night in CANADA's insistence on broadcasting 90 per cent Leafs games during the Oilers heyday. Leafs fans, nay Torontonians, simply don't know any better - plus, it's harder to hate them when you have share cubicles with 'em... c'est la vie!

Shoot to rock said...

Once upon a time, a Toronto gas station attendant figured out I was from Alberta and asked if I knew Darcy Tucker, who is from someplace called Castor, Alta.
Granted, this guy wasn't the best ambasador for Ontarionians, but crap man, isn't that the standard complaint about Americans (who are supposedly always asking if we know Judy in Halifax).

Anyway, quicknotes on FLAMES V. BLACKHAWKS:
1) Sellout at the 'Dome, but surprisingly quiet. It's preseason, but the crowd seemed awkward.
There were "hard-core" types and displaced Newfoundlanders, but a lot of real-estate-agent-looking people obviously there because it's the place to be seen. I think the fad is showing through.
2) Kiprusoff vs. Khabibulin. I'd say Khab, in his Blackhawks debut, was more of a factor than Kip, though both looked good.
It was 8-to-10 vets aside, then prospects.
3) Man, has Calgary got a good skating club. I'm not really sure why they got saddled with a clutch-and-grab handle during the last playoffs. I'd say that they're just in a lot of places at the same time clogging it up.
4) BYRON RITCHIE -- (2Goals????) While everyone in the the NHL world was awaiting giant deals with blockbuster names and millions of points jumping from roster to roster, Sutter signed this guy for the minimum on July 2.
After three stinking season's in Florida, he had a great year in Sweden, and scored two important goals and looked good all night vs. the blackhawks.
Granted, he's not even a second liner, but these are the little deals that put a team ahead of the pack.


Steve said...

I was at Rexall (or Skyreach, as I'm pretty sure it then was) for Svend Butenschon's first NHL goal. I've sort of lost touch with him over the years, but my hunch is that it might still be his only one.