Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Cuts

The last gasp. IF anything, last night's 5-0 loss made it easier to make team cuts today:

Assigned to the Hamilton Bulldogs are Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers (G), Mathieu Roy (D), Jean-Francois Jacques (LW) and Marc-Antoine Pouliot (LW).

Going to the Iowa Stars are Kyle Brodziak (C), Matt Greene (D), Yan Stastny (C) and Zack Stortini (LW).

This means RW JJ Hunter, D Dan Svyret, D Dan Smith, C Rob Schremp and G Mike Morrison remain. Pouliot didn't do much although he got a goal in 4 games, Greene didn't play so hot last night (this I know from just watching him in the few seconds of The Score highlights), and the other guys didn't stand out as expected.

But pray tell, why did we sign Jani Rita, Brad Winchester and Cory Cross to one way contracts? Under the new CBA a One Way Contract player sent down has to go through "re-entry waiver" if recalled, and half of the player's salary counts against the Oilers salary cap. Craig MacTavish has said he doesn't care about the cap and won't let the new CBA affect his decisions on the bench, but you have to believe the Oilers will keep playing Cross even if he's already proven to be the worst player left in camp. By all accounts Rita hasn't played terribly, but he hasn't really distinguished himself either. Maybe Rita's debatable, but Cross? Booo!!!


Chris! said...

Yeah, I'm kinda wondering about those contracts myself. Fucking Cross. Seriously.

The cuts do seem fairly predictable otherwise: JDD was going down no matter what, as were Roy, Brodziak and Jacques. Maybe we expected more out of Pouliot, but there's no harm in a year of seasoning.

Little surprised that Syvret stuck around and not Greene and that Stortini got assigned while Hunter remains—from what I've seen/heard, Stortini's been a fireball all camp, racking up the minutes and actually playing some pretty responsible hockey when he's not in the box. Hunter, I haven't heard too much about at all. Anyone?

But yeah, that Morrison is sure making an opening night start by Conklin seem a lot less set in stone. If only we knew anything about Markannen's level of preparedness.

Anonymous said...

From HF Boards: "Total Sports on the Team 1260 has Oilers GM Kevin Lowe in studio with Bob Stauffer and Mark Spector between 5 and 6pm."

Hackeyfan_45 said...

Without really knowing the actual rule, I imagine Cross's year of service (i.e. forever) puts him in a category that automatically has a one-way contract.
Basically the rule allows free agents from going to the farm, if another NHL team wants them.
Matt Greene... I imagine the line around town is that he needs to shake U.S. college of his resume, with rough and tumble year in the minors.

Morrison, former Maine Black Bear that he is, might be left totally out in the cold after Jussi's hand stops being broken. Anybody know what the farm situation is (Iowa/Hamilton) and if the Oilers can demote another goalie?

Also, Jon Onraight, annoying fucker that he is, mentioned that Oiler bloggers are using the term Conkannen. Freaky.