Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not holding any punches...

I really hope Laraque has a turnaround year, especially since he's so likeable and even more because he's often a good interview. And for one, it's nice to see him so unsentimental about the glory Cup days of the Oilers, an affliction that's so endemic within the Oilers and their fans.

There's an Oiler interview on their site where Morley Scott asked Laraque about traIning camp, Chris Pronger ("How good is it gonna be playing St. Louis without having to play this 7 foot 8 guy in the corner?") and of course, Mark Messier.

"I think it was more of a sentimental story than a chance [he'd play in Edmonton]," Laraque said about Messier coming back." As much as it'd be exciting for the fans, I think the team's based themselves on a young, fast team ... And Messier was 44, and how old was Adam Oates when he came in last year? So I don't think it was a position that the team wanted to put themselves in -- because that's a gamble.

Asked if he ever had a run-in with Messier when playing against him:

"No. You know why he would never have a run in with me? Because he fears me [laughs]. At this stage of his career he's just not gonna deal with me... If I came to take a run at him he'd just turn around and go 'poof!'"


PS: Did Mess ever give any indication he'd ever want to play again in Edmonton? He wasn't an option in 98, turned us down last year, and turned us down this year even though we were pretty much his last option.


Chris! said...

Apparently Lowe talked to Messier on several occasions this off-season with myriad base salaries and performance contracts, but all the guy wanted to do was retire in New York. When he didn't get that, he retired. Basically, Messier did everything but shake Lowe by the shoulders and scream in his face that he totally didn't want to play one more game in this ugly, freezing fucking town. You have to wonder why the fans thought this was such a good idea right to the bitter end.


French people say funny sounds instead of words sometimes.

Prus said...

The fans thought this was a good idea because they are oiler fans and will believe whatever the team tells them 90% of the time.

If Lowe ever started up a cool-aid stand he could lead a mass suicide that would whipe this ugly burg off the face of the earth and make Johnstown look half assed.

mike w said...

>they are oiler fans and will believe whatever the team tells them 90% of the time.

Sad but true. I suppose it doesn't help when every single sports "journalist" in Edmonton believes whatever the Oilers tell them.

randy said...


Mike P said...

What makes you guys think Edmonton is so special in that respect? :)

I live in Waterloo ON, not so far from Toronto - every year since 2001 (when I moved here) they've started planning the Stanley Cup parade right around now. I get a bit of crossfire from Ottawa and Detroit too. Ugh.

Mike P = Mike, now I'm distinguishing myself a bit more from Mike W.

Ball breaker said...

The difference is that in Edmonton is that only the delusional have planned the yearly Stanley Cup parade, and most everyone else has a guarded opinion that the Oilers could do "something."
Then they get smacked in the face during November, then February before, without fail, the Oilers become the hottest team in the league during a March/April run at a playoff spot.
Failure is much more of a marathon in River City compared to the torn-off-band-aid baubbles of the Leafs in the playoffs.
The world doesn't make sense, and it's very demoralizing.


PS. Is it just me, or is Gretzky the picture of discomfort while coaching the Coyotes? I see him being interviewed and can't help but think of the Robaxecet commercial. It's like he's being skewered in the back with knitting needles.