Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oh, Messier...

... you cackling jackass. A little belated considering he announced his retirement a few days ago, but amongst the flurry of Messier retrospectives that hit blogs and news sites everywhere, this photo is by far the most awesome, courtesy of the newish but pretty good hockey blog Odd Man Rush. From the site:

Fans may disagree on the Top 3 Messier moments but I think we can all agree that >>> this <<< is one of the stranger Mark Messier post-game locker room celebration photos that you'll ever find. Hmmm, he's got one hand on a beer that's easy to see but I can't tell where his other hand is... and I'm not sure I want to know.

What do you mean, you're not sure you want to know? I totally want to know exactly where and how hard Messier is touching Mr. Gary Coleman.

Also, nice loincloth, sir.


Dog eat dog said...

Remember that time Arnold and Dudley went to Mr Carlson's bike shop and played King of the jungle?

Anyway, I've noticed a pattern lately with a dozen or so pictures that show Messier wearing a mask of pure glee -- much like the one with G. Coleman posted so astutely by Chris.
A great one appeared on CP with Mess holding the Conn Smythe Trophy.
Look into Moose's eyes in the photo and tell me there isn't a confused but fantastically happy little boy inside the meanest hockey player ever to lace them up.
It's halfway between total euphoria and "this is so fu#$ed up!"
And now he's become a bit of a recluse, not even holding a press conference for his retirement, not returning phonecalls to even longtime Edmonton reporters like Jones and Matheson.



What do you do for money honey said...

Oh, yeah, on another thread the old "Edmonton journos never call the Oilers on their BS" line started to perk up.
I'll direct you to Dan Barnes' Thursday morning column, in which he explains why the Oilers say the things they do:

>"All that said and done," writes Barnes. "The Oilers head into training camp six weeks later without a high-end centreman, forced to explain the offensive merits of their roster in somewhat different verbiage. There is no Petr Nedved, no Doug Weight, no obvious first-line magician who can fire bullets and fling saucer passes. Ipso facto, there is apparently no need for a first line, per se."

-- Randy

Anonymous said...

And where are all our slashfic writers now, eh? What wonders could that pic inspire them to?

Anonymous said...

Well if popular demand demands it, Slash Fiction can return.

Personally I found it too arousing.

br. t. said...

Chris, I'm glad you liked the photo and used it, here's another one a reader of mine passed along you might like...

You guys have a freakin GREAT blog and I'm surprised and greatly honored to have been included in the Blogs that don't Suck list. The feelings mutual regarding Covered in Oil and I'll be putting you guys up on my site.

keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Equally distracting—but a little less fascinating—than the location of Mssr. Messier's right hand is the jock-strap/cup-thingy that is hanging next to his head.

Oh you dirty dirty man!

mike w said...

Thanks a lot, Odd man Rush!

We are mere dolts.

You're blog is one of our favourites; keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


Looks like a wild time, like they let the 50-50 girls into the room and everybody boogied down. Notice the supercan and the bottle of Molson Golden up on the shelf. Also, the shoulderpads look a little thin to me. I had a pair of those in atom.

PS -that database is a goldmine