Sunday, September 25, 2005

Oilers lose!

Goddamn I hate not being able to watch the Oilers. Friday night I was stuck alone in my Toronto office, working on Stelco press releases while trying to hear snippets of 630 CHED's radio webcast of the game. It's an aggravating thing.

First of all, let me say I never could abide by hockey on the radio -- by the second rebound most play-by-play men are sputtering out a bunch names, almost always a few plays behind. Worse so is Edmonton's play-by-play man Rod Phillips, who shrieks like a girl anytime the puck goes near the crease, and usually getting the names wrong anyways. Despite this, most Edmontonians, including myself, have grown to love him, flaws and all. For over twenty years I've been able to pick apart his shrieks, by both pitch and intonation, discriminating real scoring chances from mere shots on the net. That said, it's a harrowing ordeal, and you often find yourself at the mercy of a single voice, praying for a suddenly long vocal burst that would indicate an Oilers goal, often lost in a helplessness so total that one may as well be under his desk rubbing a rabbit's foot, hoping everything just works out. It's radio and I don't like it, but what we know is this: Rita looked good, but maybe not good enough; Laraque can still fight; Rob Schremp will make the team (barring meltdown) and signing Cory Cross to a One-Wayer was probably a mistake.

Rest assured readers, Covered in Oil promises to be your one-stop Game Report/Slash Fiction/Long Form Poetry resource for all things Oilers, but try to understand that Friday night games are tough. There's ladies out there. ...Some dinner. A little dancing. Champagne!


Swabbubba said...

As along time Oiler fan... I feel your pain with Rod "I have no idea who has the puck". The guy has passion but no clue what is actually good chance. I have watched games on TV and listened to his broadcasts frightening.

If the Oilers actually do something this year it actually may kill Rod

Anonymous said...

The best so far this year HAS to be when he called Pisani "Tikkanen".

Only Rod.

Chris! said...

anon: totally, I heard that too. You know a stroke can't be too far off when the guy can't even remember what decade it is. If he starts talking about Louis DeBrusk, someone in the press box should probably drive him to the hospital.