Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All-you-can-eat Schremp!

HAHA get it? Heh? Ah... stealing jokes. Anyhow, I hate to keep beleaguering the Schremp point so eloquently made below, but I think St. Michael's Majors coach Bud Stefanski sums it up well in this London Free Press article on Schremp's eight-point game:

One game after posting six points in an 11-2 pasting of the Windsor Spitfires, the 19-year-old Schremp tied a London Knights team record with eight points (two goals, six assists) in a 14-6 laugher over the Toronto St. Michael's Majors before 1,186 at cozy College Arena.

"They have some exceptional players," Majors head coach Bud Stefanski said. "With Schremp, you wonder what he's doing in this league."

Yep. You sure do. Thanks, Jani Rita's one-way contract. That's really working out for us.


Ian said...

How soon everyone forgets Schremp's preseason, in which he scored one goal in six games. This was also with a lot of ice and PP time against less than NHL lineups. (save for the last two, when he was too much of a defensive liability to play against actual NHL players)

Chris! said...

Yeah, and Rita really tore it up in the preseason by comparison. Surely you can't deny that keeping him was a contract decision rather than one based on performance. And now it's turning out to be one that could end up stunting the development of a much better prospect in the future.

Pleasure Motors said...

I think there's a few things worth noting here. For starters, this preseason was what, Rita's third or fourth? It was Schremp's first time playing against NHL players, and he did alright. Furthermore, as for a defensive liability, Rita was -4, compared to Schremp's -1.

But the biggest point, I think, is the fact that, obviously, Schremp has absolutely nothing more to learn in juniors. Like I said before, he needed to stick around up here for at least 10 games; if he was sucking wind, then fine, we send him back down to juniors with a grocery list of what he needs to work on for next season, but if he does fine, then we just found ourselves a second-line player at least. Instead, we went with the contracts, and now we're down two top-line players while our number one prospect is using OHLers as the world's most life-like pylons.

I don't know, I just find it very hard to believe there's anybody out there who can still be defending his demotion based on what he's been doing. He's not just playing well, he's playing eight points in one game well, which says to me there's no reason he should be down there.

Ian said...

So Schremp should have stayed with the Oil because he's scoring in the OHL???

That's obviously a good sign for the kid, but he's not the first 19 year old to put up big numbers in the OHL....

His numbers have been amazing, there is no doubt about that. But the OHL's recent rule changes have resulted in a massive increase in PP oppurtunities. Schremp's numbers are coming mostly on the PP, with a talented supporting cast.

Let's look at recent OHL scoring leaders who have had a couple years of pro hockey...

2002 - Nathan Robinson
2001 - Kyle Wellwood*
2000 - Sheldon Keefe
1999 - Peter Sarno
1998 - Peter Sarno
1997 - Marc Savard
1996 - Aaron Brand
1995 - Marc Savard*
1994 - Jason Allison
1993 - Andrew Brunette*
1992 - Todd Simon*
1991 - Eric Lindros*
1990 - Keith Primeau*
* 18 year old

All these guys dominated in the OHL..... Does it mean they can contribute in the NHL??? Some of these guys still can't, let alone at 19.....

Schremp was given more than a chance to stick here and didn't produce.

Obviously juniors isn't the ideal situation, but Oiler brass obviously felt that it was better than riding the pine with the Oilers.

Chris! said...

Really? You don't think even six munutes a game on the fourth line at the NHL level (you know, the same amount of exposure the Oilers are currently giving the far less-skilled Kyle Brodziak), plus occasional PP time, would have been better for Schremp's development than sending him back to dick around at a level where he's clearly got nothing left to prove? At least it would have been a challenge for him to rise to.

And the simple fact remains: Rita is a wash, especially on a team like the Oilers, who already have a stable half full of guys exactly like him. Schremp has qualities the Oilers lack. Most notably, skill.

Julian said...

I think we can all agree that the best place for Schremp would be the AHL, where the Oilers would be able to call him up and see how he does in a real NHL game or two. Unfortunately, that's not an option.

The Oilers had the option then of leaving him on the roster to potentially sit in the press box for 70 games a season if he showed he wasn't up to it, or sending him down to the OHL where he'd get all the ice time he could handle.

Add to that that yeah, Rita has a one-way, and I think I can see where the Oilers were coming from.

It's been pointed out that Schremp has seen an awful lot of PP time in London, and that's where his points are coming from, and the stats certainly bear that out.

I'd like to see him get alot more EVS time, if the number of penalties in OHL ever drop down, so that he can work on his defensive play a little. I really doubt that Schremp will continue his 3.5 pts/game pace through the season. He'll come back down to earth, and hopefully he'll become a more rounded player than he would be by sitting in the PB for half an NHL season.

Remember, Rita and Brodziak wouldn't be playing regularly if it wasn't for injuries, and once Smyth/Horcoff are back, those two will see their NHL icetime diminish greatly.

Ian said...

than sending him back to dick around at a level where he's clearly got nothing left to prove?

What do you mean nothing left to prove??? He has a lot to prove in junior still. He has never been the go to guy on a successful junior team. Don't get me wrong, he was good last year, but Perry was the go-to guy in London, and he carried that team. Rob can also go and play a bigger role on a strong US WJC team and prove there that he can stack up 5-on-5 against the best players his age in the world.

Rob Schremp is not so good that he is not learning and getting better in London. He is getting a ton of PP minutes right now on a team with a lot of talent.

Chris! said...


Ah, just kiddin'. Point taken, Ian. And I agree with Julian that, in a perfect world, the AHL would have been ideal. Oh well.

Chris! said...


Ah, just kiddin'. Point taken, Ian. And I agree with Julian that, in a perfect world, the AHL would have been ideal. Oh well.

Ian said...

Agree with that..... AHL would have been ideal.... Not that we'd have a team to send him to even if we could send him there... We'd have to put him in someone else's hands like the rest of our prospects...

Chris said...

To follow up on that aside..what the hell was the Oilers management thinking when they folded up their farm team and desided just to buy a time share in a couple other ones? I'm sure it has something to do with saving money, but your farm team is your future. You can see players regularly comming up from the Moose to contribute to the Canucks and they see that these guys get the proper attention so they're likely to do so. While the Oilers seem to be just kind of hoping that someone else will do that for them...

Ian said...

I'm also pretty disappointed that the Oilers chose some short-term savings over handling the development of our own prospects... (although, we've never really been all that good at it, so maybe they're on to something here....)

Especially this year, with Pouliot, Jacques, Stortini, Stastny, Greene and Syvret all in their first year in the AHL. This is easily our best graduating class from junior to pro hockey in recent memory and we've left their development in the hands of Dallas and Montreal???

It also forced Bodie back to junior, Radunske and Morrison to the ECHL and Caron into retirement (not sure of his reasons... he's made some wacky decisions before)......