Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another reason to hate Sean Avery

Possibly racist? Laraque alleges Avery turned down a fight because he thought Georges was a "monkey."
The next game against the Kings is in December, and it looks like it could be ugly, as in Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi ugly. From today's Edmonton SUN:

Sought out by coach Craig MacTavish and facing several Edmonton Oilers players, Sean Avery of the Los Angeles Kings denied directing a racial slur at Georges Laraque during a tense confrontation in the parkade of the Staples Center late Tuesday.

Avery, approached by MacTavish in the parkade with the Edmonton contingent waiting to board the team bus, denied he'd said anything inappropriate to Laraque.

When confronted by Laraque moments after being questioned by MacTavish, Avery became agitated and issued another denial, this one laced with profanity. That's when things got tense.

With Avery and two Kings players, one being rookie George Parros, on one side and Laraque, surrounded by several teammates, on the other, the situation had the potential to get ugly. Cooler heads prevailed, however, and the scene ended without any incident.


randy said...

The question is whether it was the N or the F (frenchie? frog?).

mike w said...

Yeah. But I don't think Laraque would go to Oilers management to complain about "frog."

Anonymous said...

But is the New NHL gonna maintain this pro-wrestilng vibe? Angry confrontations in backstage areas, race-baiting, anticipated grudge matches...

Randy said...

>But is the New NHL gonna maintain this pro-wrestilng vibe?

Interesting thought: Rod Phillips yammering on when the lights go out at Rexall, "What the heck? Wait, that's Mike Comrie's music!!!" At which point Comrie appears in the tunnel wearing a retro-jersey road jersey. Quick shot to Lowe in press box. "Noooooo!" he mimes.

Sean Avery is quickly reminding me on a young Matthew Barnaby. It's not really a good look for anyone.

Matt said...

The Journal says it was "monkey". Sean Avery is an ass, but Colin Campbell becoming Word Cop is a cure worse than the disease.

Of course, I'm not the one who was targetted, AND I'm as white as chris!'s backside, so my two cents is probably worth nothing...

sacamano said...
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sacamano said...

Considering that while playing in Russia last season, Anson Carter had bananas thrown at him on the ice, I'd say "monkey" could be construed as pretty vile.

But hey, maybe Avery just meant that Laraque was a curious, mischievous, little imp.

{i deleted the previous comment to repair some atrocious spelling}

Randy Young said...

That's very Cosell of you, Sacamano.
The LA times reports Avery's denial of the "monkey" blast, and how he proceeds to derogatorily call Georges a fourth-liner -- which I suppose is true.
Well, I think it's obvious that Georges will have to destroy Avery at centre-ice in some heavily billed punch-em-up. This is the worst possible sequence of events for the NHL. Georges will prove himself a pretty big, and smart, man, if he can restrain himself from pulling Avery's brain out through the ear.
Still, it's a no-win. Kill him and Georges is a thug and the NHL is a asylum. Do nothing and everyone involved is a pussy.
From Avery's standpoint, Do you remember John Rocker (the Atlanta Braves reliever that called New Yorkers AIDS-cases and darkies, or something like that)? Rocker actually played it up for a little while, then started hating life pretty hard. Perhaps Avery will have a long time to think about it during a lengthy and controversial minor-league career.

Howard "Look at that monkey run!" Cosell.