Monday, October 24, 2005


Wow. Conklin's been sent down to Hamilton (along with Brodziak to Iowa) on a "conditioning" assignment which is a polite way of saying "don't come back sucky" assignment.

Good for the now-recalled Mike Morrison, who was the best goalie in camp and has been stuck in the dregs of the ECHL because the Oilers don't have a proper AHL team.

He had a .939 save percentage last
year with the 'Runners and .895 in a couple of games so far with the Greenville Growl. He's a big guy who simply hasn't played enough to prove himself. Now of course, I wish I had seen more of him, but hey, I live in Toronto with its CN Tower and sophisticated nightlife, okay?

What has happened to Conks? Nerves? I don't remember him being a total rebound machine in 2004,
was he just flukey?


Steve said...

My theory is that Mike Comrie's having sex with his wife. If he has one.

mike w said...

>My theory is that Mike Comrie's having sex with his wife. If he has one

Also a Google entry that has shown up as link to our blog: "Mike Comrie Tommy Salo wife."

Colby Cosh said...

Maybe we can take the extra cap space and put bounties on the wives of the other starters in the conference?

sacamano said...

BA HA! That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

Well done Steve.

mike w said...

Oh, I forgot to mention something for any of you wondering why Conklin wasn't put on waivers: there's a clause where you can send players down on two week conditiong stints and it doesn't count for waivers. Um, so there.