Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jumbo Schremp

As per my agreement with sacamano over at BoA, I present the first in what will be weekly installments of the Marc-Antoine Pouliot/Robbie Schremp update (shown above locked in a loving gaze). If I feel vindictive, I may also include Jani Rita in on the madness, but I'm not one to rub salt in wounds.

In any case, keeping it simple for now:

Marc-Antoine Pouliot
Current Team: Hamilton Bulldogs
GP: 2
G: 1
A: 1
Pts: 2

Notes: Pouliot was held scoreless in his first game with the chiefly Canadien Bulldogs, but figured in both goals in a 4-2 loss to the Rochester Americans. Special notes were hard to come by, for now, but there's been no complaints, which can't be a bad thing. Also, I discovered in my research that Pouliot was born on May 22, 1985, making him officially the second Oiler to have that birthdate (Janne Niinimaa is the other) and exactly one year younger than I am, just to make the rest of you feel ag├ęd. While I'm on the subject of bizarre connections between Oilers and myself, I was born two days after the Oil won their first cup, and I was named after the last Oiler to score in that historic game. Anyway...

Robbie Schremp
Current Team: London Knights
GP: 6
G: 10
A: 18
Pts: 28

Notes: As sacamano pointed out, 20 of those 28 points were on the powerplay, and he tied a Knight's record with eight points in his last outing. He played so well, he even got a mention on the front page of the NHL's website. By all accounts, he has been nothing less than dominating on offence in every respect. Oh, and since he's in juniors, we can't actually call him up. Anyone here in a CHL pool?


Colby Cosh said...

Holy God. You can't be serious about the name thing. That is too great a burden of pure awesomeness for any human to live with.

mike w said...

The Oilers have made a mistake.

Maybe from now on guys who make the team should reflect team needs and not their contract situation. Otherwise there's no point to training camp, is there?

sacamano said...

I think it is 22 of 28 isn't it? I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.

sacamano said...

The title of this post also completely validates your taking on the task.

How the hell did I miss that one?

Matt said...

I feel embarrassed - I can't remember an Oiler from 1984 named "Pleasure".

mike w said...

Come on, don't you remember "Todd Pleasure," a 2 game call-up from Cape Breton?

Great hands, lots of finesse.

(rim shot)


mike w said...

Possible future SUN headlines:

"Schremp Rocks the Boat!"

"He's no Schr(e)imp!"

"Schremp Wrapped!"


Sorry that last one's for Tikkanen, but it's my favourite SUN headline ever, just slightly ahead of "Eggs Fried" after Defence Minister Art Egglington was canned.

mike w said...

er, I meant Eggleton.

sacamano said...

This headline over at Odd Man Rush made me laugh quite a bit too.

Pleasure Motors said...

Hilarious, all of you. 'Twas Dave Lumley, empty-netter, on an assist from Jaroslav Pouzar. And it's actually true: my parents, I believe chiefly egged on by my father, agreed that they would name me after the last Oiler to score in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Having said that, of course, I can't really see my mother filling out the name Jaroslav, for instance, on the certificate of birth, but then, I was born by caesarean section, so she probably would have been under.

This was, perhaps, a little more revealing then I'd care for it to be.

Randy said...

In the headline department, you're all forgetting about "Satan inks deal," and "Teen, breasts murdered"

Chris! said...

Randy: What about "Grr-lin wall"?

Colby Cosh said...

If you now confess that your first name is actually "Lumley", that will complete the godlike arc of perfection. Although I do have a Catholic friend who chose his confirmation name in honour of Eddie Shack, which is almost as good.

I may be the only person here who is old enough to remember Lumley's 12-game goal-scoring streak back in '81--still the second longest such streak since the war, and longer than any goal-scoring streak assembled by Gretzky Himself (or Lemieux, or Mike Bossy, or Rocket Richard). It is easily the most surreal accomplishment in the history of hockey. When Lummer got to eight everybody thought it was cute; when he hit 10 or so the general feeling was "OK, a joke's a joke but this is getting ridiculous." And he kept going! Great days they were. The Stanley Cup capper was hilarious too.

Randy said...

>Randy: What about "Grr-lin wall"?

Was that the ficticious wall of live dogs set in concrete which we discussed that time at the Garneau Pub? Man, were we drunk.
Still not as good as "Pitch-bacca the Rookie" for the fake Vue spoof edition or "Porn Inferno!!!" a Sun editor's wet dream.

Andy Grabia said...

I remember the Lumley streak. Wasn't he on a line with Gretzky and Bret Callighen at the time?

Andy Grabia said...

And I believe Lemieux did have a 12 game scoring streak.