Monday, October 3, 2005

Magic 8 Ball: Outlook Not so Good

The Oilers made the last cuts and it's nothing surprising. Who knows though, we may see more of Danny Syvret later in the season, especially if the ever-growing "lynch Cory Cross" mob gets their way.

Meanwhile, stinging prophecies from the TSN message board after the Oilers' embarassing loss to the Canucks...

"HEY OILER FAN, your team is gonna miss the play-offs. Pronger will be a huge dissapointment and Peca is way past his prime. Money not well spent. By the way, you should try to find a goalie, Ty is a funnel"

"He he he. Looks like the Oilers will bomb again - I can hear the crying in Edmonton already."

"Go Nucks!"


Chris! said...

Yep, nothing unexpected here. I know another year in the OHL isn't going to kill Schremp—I just don't think Rita's done anything to earn a spot beyond be the proud owner of a handcuffing contract. Ah well. Time will tell.

And yeah... I wouldn't read to far into what Bertuzzi4evah122685 thinks about the Oilers chances this year, as science has proven the majority of people who post on TSN's article boards suffer from painful degenerative brain disorders (in this case, possibly a cleft forehead).

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old 'lynch Cory Cross mob'. Good luck with that. If they ever get him, I am coming out from Toronto to help.