Friday, October 28, 2005

March of the Penguins

I should read the blogs before I post in the morning, but in any case, according to sacamano and this website, the Oilers had three scouts at Tuesday's Penguins game. Assuming this isn't just a case of incredibly proactive opponent scouting, and since there's nothing I love more than highly unlikely but semi-reasonable trade speculation, I figured I'd look into what the Penguins might have.

Before I get started, though, let's quell sacamano's fears: Kraft is playing in the Czech Republic, so I don't even think he's available in the NHL this year, and in any case, it's highly doubtful the Oil would be sending scouts to Pittsburgh if they really wanted him. I actually think Kraft would be an okay fit on the Oil, but then, you're the real judge of talent between the two of us.

Anyway, looking over the Penguins roster, I have no idea who the hell we would want that we could actually get (I'm assuming, of course, you don't send three scouts if you're thinking of swapping sixth defencemen). Of their big free-agent signings, I'd assume Leclair is the only one readily available for a reasonable price (although maybe we don't care about reasonable prices at this point), though he is still sixth on the team in scoring, and aside from those guys, there isn't much of anything that we don't already have. Malone is more or less Raffi Torres, albiet probably more established. There's always Jackman or Tarnstrom (less likely Jackman), I suppose, but are we really after a third d-man? Actually, come to think of it, Jackman (3G 8A, though he is -5) would be a fair addition--another PP quarterback, and maybe somebody to kickstart Pronger--but I have a feeling the price might be steeper than he's worth, given that he's outscoring Gonchar. There's the incredibly wild speculation about MA Fleury, but Craig Patrick isn't that stupid, and we'd probably have to shell two of our six ostensibly first-line forwards to even think about it.

I have to say, this one really has me stumped; maybe we were there to watch Florida? Or, you know, Raffi Torres, Radek Dvorak and a draft pick are going the other way for Palffy or Recchi or something.


mike w said...

Milan Kraft!? He's long gone. He also has the intensity of an Isbister. No way.

The Journal today says that Lowe is also looking for a PP quarterback, which would be Tarnstrom. But then, Pitts is thin on D (and also on "character" guys), and I wonder how trading their 2nd PP defenceman could help.

Palffy? Would the Penguins trade a recently signed free agent after only 10 games?

Pleasure Motors said...

Well, that's my thought, but again, I have no idea who the hell else we would be interested in.

Chris! said...

I doubt Tarnstrom's a possibility anymore, though he may very well have been at some point. From

"Penguins defenseman Dick Tarnstrom injured the medial collateral ligament in his left knee when his skate stuck in the ice after he was hit from the side during the first period on Thursday night, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette."

And like you guys, I'm stumped by the news. Can't see a single guy we could afford to get/would even want on their roster. If I was an poster, I'd think we were going after Fleury or Crosby, but I'm, uh, not that retarded.

mike w said...

Ryan Malone.

sacamano said...

Ouch. I feel like I just got burned again. I thought we were supposed to pick on the Flames fans, not each other.

In any case, my guess was either some sort of Palffy-Peca swap (we need a scorer, they need some defense), or Tarnstrom. But now that he's hurt, I have no clue.

Chris! said...

Man, the last thing we need is Ryan Malone. Too many guys like him already. We need TALENT, bitches!

Chris said...

Yea, the problem is the only player other teams are likely to be interested in right now are Torres or maybe Ryan Smyth. Which in turn are players we don't want to trade.

If the Penguins who can't seem to keep the puck out of their own net would give something up for Peca's defense, they can have him. We could use another goal scorer..and by another I mean 1.

sacamano said...

I bet we could get someone quality if we threw in Schremp and or Pouliot.

Jonathan W said...

Tarnstrom is injured- he got hurt last night. He's the guy I sort of assumed was on the block.