Saturday, October 1, 2005

A New Energy featuring Chris Pronger

[Knock Knock]

Man: "Hello?...Wh..aa?" [round, dark stain forming in man's pants]

Chris Pronger: "This year there's a New Energy at Rexall Place, and on behalf of the Edmonton
Oilers I would like to thank you for being a part of this New Energy"

Man: "You're Chris Pronger!"

Chris Pronger: "Here's your season tickets, and thank you for your support."

Man: "Chris Proooonger!!!" [Shouting down the driveway as Chris Pronger gets into an awaiting car]

This little dramatization isn't just idle fantasy, it could be reality. That's right, if you buy season tickets today a flesh-and-blood Oiler will come over to your house and deliver them personally.
"This demonstrates how real the partnership between the players and the organization is," said Patrick LaForge, President & CEO of the Edmonton Oilers. "This is a great opportunity for the players to go out and have some fun with our customers before the season starts." Heh. I'm sure the players are loving it.


sacamano said...

Wow! That is fantastic. I wish I had money.

Randy said...

Wow, that's a terrible idea.
Rest assured that after one of these visits a drugged Ryan Smith will wake up handcuffed to a waterpipe in some season ticket holder's basement.


Garnet said...

Sounds like a scenario that could provide a rich vein of inspiration for your next batch of slashfic.