Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Night of the Banana

Well the bananas are dancing on the web boards, which can only mean one thing:

Opening Night!

I haven't seen an Oilers game in two years, the last being the disheartening loss to the Canucks in the final game of the season. So many things have changed in two years --except for the Conklin looking shaky part. Now I'm stuck in the middle of Toronto, with its endless chatter about Ed Belfour's bad back and the chances of a Colaiacovo call up; Edmonton seems so far away now that I'm almost nostalgic. My neo-Romanesque Kingdom for an interlocking grid of highways dotted with Home Depots and Eastside Mario's!!

If I had to make a prediction, it would be: Colorado 3 Oilers 0
What can I say? The gods are cruel. And from what I've read they don't like hubris, so I'll err on the side of caution.


In a wise move, MacT says in the Sun that Jason Smith will remain as Team Captain along with Ethan Moreau and Ryan Smyth as Alternates. It would be a big mistake to just let Chris Pronger and Mike Peca walk in and start calling the shots (didn't we do that with Shayne Corson?). To their credit, the new guys were more than gracious about the decision:

"To be a leader in the room, you don't need a letter on your jersey. And it's not about 'Rah! Rah! Look at me, I've got a letter on my shirt!' said Pronger

"I think Jason Smith is the best captain in the league by far,'' said Peca. "Jason is the type of leader you see in gladiator movies and historical war movies." Besides, says Peca, not being Captain means he won't "have to do as much team party planning anymore.''