Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Pathos

"I gotta be up in exactly 3 hours and 23 minutes, Yet Im still up, stressing over the Oilers. Today I was actually emotional after the game."

-- Oilers fan on Webboard, Oct 26, 2005.

Yep, these are dark days for Oilers fans and for some the pain is very real. Thing is, you sort of just have to revel in its badness and enjoy the hurt; not unlike the pleasant sensation one can get from poking a tender bruise.

What I offer is some of the finest selections from the HF board gameday thread of last night's match. Distilled to its essence, these realtime comments have a haiku like quality in summing up the loss in less than 20 lines.They are also funny (to me anyway).

Here we go:

Oilers get back in style. exacts revenge...7-1 Oilers

If the Oilers lose tonight that's 7 losses in a row. Very few coaches survive 7 losses in a row. Just sayin....

C'mon Oilers. I have no optimism whatsoever. Which is actually kind of cool.

I had a dream the Oil were up 5-1 midway in the 2nd...

Our Powerplay Looks Lethargic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mellow out. Lives aren't in the balance here.

Oh geez Ulanov.

dammit, this is garbage.

This team licks!!!

To quote Major League 2 "Bring out the tarps cover the damn field, bring out the pooper scooper!!!" Oh man I am that fan, Son of a *****!!!


Oh thank god!!!

Lets go Oilers ... clap clap clap-clap-clap


Least Dvorak is scoring for someone

What the hell is wrong with these GD officials.

[Emoticon of crying face]

We deserve the loss



Matt said...

To borrow a phrase from someone, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh uproariously at that.

[Emoticon of crying face], indeed!

swabbubba said...

Hmmmm the Oilers are making me play more Suicidal Tendencies ... the anger.. the dismay... All I wanted was a win Pepsi centre....

mike w said...

Here's something emailed to me from our pal Randy in Southern Alberta:

So, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Edmonton or at least in
the Journal's fan feedback section.
The basics:

*Fire MacTavish and hire, get this, Brian Sutter. Is it time to retool the
entire team into a partially talenty goon squad?
*Aquire local players. It worked so well with Messier and Fuhr, why not with Chimrea, Comrie, Woywitka? Unfortnuately I doubt that others teams would part with Phaneuf, Lupul, Bouwmeister.
* Also, one-time Edmonton Marijuana Party advocate Michael Cust says it's
goaltending. He's also in Alabama now, possibly attending Auburn?!?
And finally...
* The oft-quoted argument that Lowe and Co. are still living on karma built up during the glory years, and a shake up is needed.

Now, I went on record predicting that there'd be a new gm before Christmas
2006. That can probably be moved up to next summer.
I still think that their general inability to adapt to the new NHL's talent situation, manage their talent and do anything on special teams will be their downfall.
But this current streak is not doomsday.
The game has clearly evened out since Opening Night. The Oilers will
probably pull out of it just prior to what will be a disasterous road trip
during the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Does this sound familiar.
Another interestingly idea is that the current Oilers immediately tank it
after the team honours the dynasty in some way.
A 3-0-0 start unraveled just after Paul Coffey's jersey retirement.
In 2003, the Oilers were (and still are in some respects) a bunch of
broderline NHLers. After 57,000 showed up to see darling Wayne skate at
Commonwealth the Oilers lost to the Canadiens and went 1-6-4-0 in there next 11 games.
Frankly this latest string of crap is par for the course with this team over the last five or so years.