Monday, October 24, 2005

Schremp and Pouliot-tatoes

I fully intend to drive this "it sounds like shrimp" headline thing into the ground, then season it with a lime curry and feed it to prospective suitors. Or something. Anyway, between a feverish flu and going to Vancouver, I've seen exactly no hockey this past week, though it appears as though that's not a bad thing at all. Weeeeeeeee.

In any case, the weekly update:

Marc-Antoine Pouliot
Current Team: Hamilton Bulldogs
GP: 4
G: 1
A: 2
Pts: 3

Notes: Pouliot's seems to be playing fairly well--though he only had one assist in two games this week (he sat out Sunday's game with a bruised ankle after taking a Danny Syvret shot off of it Friday, though no one has mentioned it as being anything more than a day-to-day thing), he had five shots against Toronto and another four against the Cleveland Barons. You can take that as either good or bad, I suppose--either he's creating his own chances and getting stymied or is yet another Oiler draft pick with good sense who can't bulge the twine--but he has played well enough to get a bit of chatter on the Bulldogs forums, and he's seen some regular PP time. He seems to be coming along steadily. This is obviously premature, but if things keep going the way they've been going for the Oilers, it doesn't seem ridiculous that he'd be called up at some point.

Robbie Schremp
Current Team: London Knights
GP: 7
G: 11
A: 21
Pts: 32

Notes: Another game, another four points. The Knights only played one game this week, but Schrempy had two goals and two assists, and is scoring at a 4.55 PPG clip. Also, despite playing five less games than teammate David Bolland, he's only three points behind in the OHL scoring race. I couldn't find the points split, but eight of his eleven goals are on the PP (London's powerplay, by the way, is currently sitting in first with a 35 per cent success rate), so one would assume most of his assists are, too. The Knights haven't lost since Schremp returned, and are leading the league in offence. Sweet hot damn, really.

Now, time to get back to the depressing real world where no one on our roster can score. Ho hum.


sacamano said...

It's okay. We don't need to score anymore. We have Mike Morrison in net.

mike w said...

Isn't it tragic? Schremp is not yet 20 years old and he already has a receding hairline.

Mike P said...

Mike W - I read somewhere once that high levels of testosterone tend to do that. Take it for what it's worth, but lots of male pro athletes are a) bigger than your average man, and b) have bad hair.

mike w said...

Good to know.

I'll take my somewhat receding hairline and sudden splurge of nosehair as a sign that I'm ALL MAN. Like Robbie Schremp and an assortment of other athletes!

Garnet said...

Given how Messier turned out, I'd have to say the less hair the better.