Friday, October 28, 2005

Smack T

Courtesy TSN:

"We have a 3-2 lead with six minutes to go and lose," MacTavish said. "We lose by the same stupid mistakes we have been making time and time again. We are playing with a junior-league-player mentality."

That assessment seems about fair to me, but at what time do you stop blaming the players and start looking at the coach? I mean, really, when it's a question of mentality (and, to be fair, I think it's also a question of talent, but MacT was the one who brought it up), is that not a top-down thing? Whose job is it to snap players out of a losing mentality? Just a thought.


swabbubba said...

I agree fully... Sometimes it is matter of instilling a belief in a system. Mac T has never had system that can fully see. It may be a puck pursuit type but you have to roll 4 lines all game long and not shorten the bench when at altitude like hmm the Pepsi Centre. Will see what happens at Dallas tonite. I hope they play well even if they lose...if not then we need a coach. Just a question what did Ted Nolan actually do to get black balled? Because he made the Sabres a force to be reckoned with...

Pleasure Motors said...

Oh, hey, also, Mirtle mentioned us. Yay. Though I suppose this means we should post more.