Friday, October 21, 2005

Total Despair!


Living out east and working nights, taping games means I can fast forward through the last ten minutes of another loss; the inevitable slow-bleed of an offensively-challenged Oilers team is often unbearable to watch. And so, being a total baby, the night was capped off with the remote being hurled at the couch.

Come the sober morning light, I think things will turn around. The Oil came out strong, created chances and pretty much dominated most of the game. Once again, a puppy-dog faced Finn was the only reason we lost, but the Oilers looked much better than they did against the Flames last Saturday (oddly, the Flames didn't use the 5 men-behind-the-red-line trap this time around).

The Oilers will live and die by its aggressiveness of its forecheck, which we haven't seen a whole lot of this season. IF the Oil could play with the same level of consistency and discipline as, say, Minnesota, we'd be doing all right. Also, players like Laraque and Moreau need to drive to the net more and try the odd one-on-one -- it's easier than they think with the new rules. Our 22nd ranked PP is good and also unlucky. Last season the biggest problem was getting set up in the offensive zone; this year it's getting shots in and pouncing on rebounds, some of which I think is luck and also from playing Kiprusoff a couple of times. Tonight's what they in sports call "GUT CHECK TIME" against Colorado. Can they "BRING IT"?

Also: Look for another installment of the illustrated melodrama "Gone but Not Forgotten", coming soon to Covered in Oil!


Chris! said...

A double game review, huh? Damn you, Winters! How come we never talk anymore?