Sunday, October 23, 2005

"We will make changes"

Okay armchair GMs, so what would you with the Oilers? Trade for a scoring forward, a playmaking forward, a starting goalie, another defenceman or no one at all?

Newspapers are reporting that the Oilers are chatting up Washington and Buffalo, presumable for Olaf Kolzig or Marty Biron, and possibly for Brendan Witt. Bruce Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun says the Oilers are sniffing out Martin Havlat, but its unclear whether Garrioch actually knows something or not. I can't imagine what the Oilers could offer that the Senators actually want, and I'd be surprised if we got him. A goalie trade seems more likely, although Atlanta needs one more than we do.

"We will make changes,'' Lowe said in today's Sun, but he added that he wouldn't make a rash decision because of Friday's poofest.

Still, something tells me that Lowe might blow his proverbial wad on a "proven" overpriced player a la Mike Peca, screwing us over for the rest of the season. Can you imagine if he actually traded for a now-fading Kolzig, 5 million dollars and all? Ugh. Now if we could trade some pluggers like Laraque or Rita for Biron, I'd take it all back and call Lowe a genius.

But you know what we really need? A player with an accurate, quick shot, aka "a sniper." Remember when we won a billion games in a row and actually had a PP late last season? I think Nedved had something to do with that.
And just name one Oiler that really knows how to release the puck and make a goalie look bad. We have none. Stoll has a hard but indiscriminate shot, Smyth's specialty is plugging the crease, Horcoff is average, Hemsky likes to pass and Moreau's possibly tragic. Don't get me started on Peca. It's killed us on the PP and 5 on 5.


Ian said...

I think Sykora could be a legitimate target for Kevin Lowe. It has been rumored that Burke wants to get out from under the contract of both Sykora and Fedorov.

He's a guy that makes about $3 million and could probably be had for a reasonable price.

The problem if Lowe really wants to make a deal right now, is other GM's will smell blood and try to get him to make a bad deal out of desperation.

IMO, Sykora is the only legitimate scoring threat that we might be able to pick up without losing key pieces of our team.

Pleasure Motors said...

There is also, of course, a literal shitload of New Jersey Devils who will probably need to be traded once Patrik Elias returns (which, I've heard, won't be for another month or so, at least, but hey).

swabbubba said...

Just to get this rolling... Comrie is playing like crap in Phoenix.... bag of pucks to get him back.... The fans could either use him as pinata at intermission or he could just help the fans unload the crap they bought at the Brick maybe Wayne would take a flyer on Rita?

mike w said...

What would you take for Rita?

I'd be happy with a 2nd Round draft pick at this point.

Pleasure Motors said...

I think that, at this point, the best we can do for Rita is put him in some kind of package in the hopes that teams will think he's a sufficient enough add-on to bump up whatever it is we're getting back. He's by no means especially valuable, but a team looking to clear cap space probably wouldn't say no to a minimum-wage press box/4th-liner with "potential," if there were some other part of value.

Basically, what I'm getting at here is that the best we can hope for is probably, like, Petr Sykora's right half or something. Maybe Martin Biron's glove hand.