Saturday, October 29, 2005


Edmonton 5
Dallas 3

Middle of the night here in TO and I'm screaming Cory Cross at the TV! Who would of thunk it? It may seem rash, but I've put some thought into this: begin planning our Stanley Cup parade route right now. Break out the bunting!
Champagne Minatures!

Although we lost in Colorado, the seeds of good hockey were there and a bunch of players played real well this time around. Moron fans that seem to still think Dvorak is supposed to score 30 goals can at least shut up for one night -- he won't score thirty but he's one of the hardest working Oilers on the ice in a given game. It's not his fault he's stuck on the first line with first line winger expectations; that's Lowe's fault, so take it up with him.

Faceoffs meant something for once, with two draws leading to Oilers goals. More impressively, the D once again looked good (Cory Cross!), standing up on the blueline and collapsing well when they got in trouble. Pronger was beautiful out there -- only him and Hemsky have this ability to use
going really slow as an offensive manuever, forcing the checker to make an obvious move instead of the other way around. You see it in skilled players and I wish we had more of that.

I'm still worried about our Powerplay though. Dallas provided a convenient contrast from our PP in that they kept moving, even if it was a short skate of about 5 feet, making them look more dangerous as they stretched our defence. Our pointmen look like pylons out there fer chrissakes. Come on Simpson, make 'em do something!

Anyway, I still think we're 2 or 3 trades away from a good team (that or some player plays beyond all expectations), but if the Oilers play like this and lose I'll still be happy to watch 'em.

Game Rating: Eight Andrei Kovalenkos out of ten Josef Beraneks.


sacamano said...

That is a terrific ranking scale.