Monday, November 28, 2005

Arise Robimus Prime

Took another two week break with this thing, but it's back. After successifying the nickname for Robimus ("Popcorn" is also nice, Randy, but dammit, I'm a Transformers fan), and getting a possible one for MAP (Poutine), both have had fairly standard weeks for how they've been playing. Without further adieu, the update.

Marc-Antoine "Poutine" Pouliot
GP: 20
G: 3
A: 9
Pts: 12

Notes: In what's been a pretty half-assed Hamilton offence of late--four straight games with no more than one goal, though they've scored five and six in their last two games--Pouliot has done alright for himself. He was held pointless, but had six shots (of only 25 Hamilton shots total) in a 3-1 loss to Omaha on Friday the 18th, and has had a point in two of the last three games. He's also been in the starting lineup fairly regularly, though he was overlooked for the shooutout roster in a win last Saturday, which just isn't something you want to see from someone who's supposed to be an offensive talent in your future. On the plus side for Oilers' fans, though, Brad Winchester had three goals and two assists that game. Anyway, I would have thought Pouliot would be doing better at this point, but perhaps he's just a slow starter. Time will tell.

Robbie "Robimus Prime" Schremp
GP: 20
G: 25
A: 39
Pts: 64

Notes: Well, Prime still didn't pass his bastard teammate David Bolland in the points race yet (Bolland has 65), but he's still going strong with 3.2 ppg, and a solid 16 power play goals. He's also plus-8 (Bolland, to use the comparison again, is -3). There was a decent feature on him on the NHL website a little while back, where they compare him to Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick in his candour, and there's also this quote from Kevin Prendergast:

"I thought Rob was almost there in terms of making the club and he is far too good a player to be back in the OHL."

Well, then, I sure am glad you sent him right back down to the OHL, you bunch of retards. Schremp's success is easier to take when we're doing well, but still, even if he was only a quarter as good in the NHL as he is in the O, he'd be top ten in team scoring. Oh well, there's always next year. Unless we have more one-way contracts, in which case we'll get to watch him tear up the AHL instead.

Andrew "Cogs" Cogliano
GP: 13
G: 7
A: 10
Pts: 17

Notes: He broke his point streak, but he currently sits tied for first among rookies in NCAA hockey with 17 points (though he's first in points per game), second on the team in scoring. He's also leading the team with 4 PPG (the caps mean power play goals). The only real troubling stat is that he's only even on a team that's roundly plus (first in the league in scoring, as a matter of fact), which likely points to some defensive issues. He's playing fairly well over all, though, and Michigan is the number-1 ranked team in the league. Also: new nickname?


Colby Cosh said...

There's more crack at Hockey's Future this week--Slava Trukhno is a sweet 11-27-38 through 21 games in PEI. Granted, they're Q-league numbers, but at least his surname makes its own gravy nickname-wise.

Matt said...

Where's the Avalanche of Pain piece?

Pleasure Motors said...

I didn't see the game--Mike or Chris?

mike w said...

A ball has been dropped. But it's better to forget about the loss, anyway, no?

We'll have a recap tonight.