Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Attacked by a shark metaphor!

Something of a late game recap, thanks to forgetfulness (I hear, in an odd twist, there are pills made from parts of shark brains that are supposed to help that).

Anyway, there isn't much to report, other than the fact that this game could probably be used as an argument against the shootout: really, neither team played well enough to deserve a win. Better to be on the good side of that, I suppose, but yeah, this was pretty much 60 minutes of watching teams trade mistakes. Neither ever got much flow going, and though both goalies were solid, the 1-1 tie was more a result of lacklustre offence than stellar goaltending. That and the fact that Mike Peca quite literally can't put the puck into an empty net. I'm not sure if you saw highlights, but fook, he could have been shooting on a midget guarding the end boards and he would have found a way to miss last night.

Anyway, random notes on the game:

-Mike Morrison still gives up some big, fat rebounds, but other than that he's fairly solid. He didn't have much of a chance on Marleau's goal, and took the percentage play, but got burned on it.

-The Sharks played one of the most agressive PKs I've ever seen, and it almost entirely shut down the Oilers. The key was on the points: there was no way the Oil could have scored a goal like the Sharks', because our d-men didn't have more than five seconds alone before their was a stick in their face. I'd recommend the Oil give it a try; not that using your forwards as target ducks is a bad strategy, per se, just that they might get hurt less if there were less point shots.

-With all the talent the Sharks have, I can't figure why they're not better. They seem quite disinterested, though. They could probably use a sparkplug little yappy guy, who will got out, hit people and run his mouth. At least when people start going after him, it might get a rise out of the rest of them.

-Syvret saw PP time, and he didn't look out of place. I don't know if there should have been room made for him by trading Semenov, but it doesn't really seem like he'll learn very much playing in the A right now. If they wanna platoon him, they have my blessing. You hear that, Lowe? I say it's okay. I know you were waiting.

-I really only think the shootout is the most exciting play in hockey when there's actually something on the line more important than a mid-season yawner. I suppose it was more interesting than the game, sure, but I found hard to care about penalty shots after 65 minutes of boring hockey.


mike w said...

Peca was kind of awful. Someone on HF compared him to a slower version of Todd Marchant. That might be true the more I watch him, faceoffs of not. Watching a young and nimble player like Torres neatly lay out a tight behind the back pass only reminded me of how I haven't seen Peca make a real play with the puck. And for such a defensive maven, he looked downright lethargic on some scrambles in our own zone.

The season is a quarter over, and he's one time payment of 4 mill, so I'm not losing my mind over the deal. And maybe it will prevent Lowe from REALLY overspending on a free agent scorer at the end of the season.

mike w said...

er, by "free agent" I meant "tradeable player from a team out of playoff contention"

I really should read my own posts.

Pleasure Motors said...

I don't think he was awful, per se, he just couldn't hit the net. I would have actually compared him to Ethan Moreau: he knew how to get into position to score, he just couldn't finish.

mike w said...

I don't know. Moreau's gotten some heat this season, but I see him driving to the net with way more speed and grit than Peca. I similarities in Moreau and Stoll's game, except Stoll gets Powerplay time because he has a better shot.

The reason I said Peca was awful wasn't because of his offence since I don't expect any from him. I thought he was awful because his defensive coverage in our end was spotty.

The silver lining is our scoring is okay for now. I'm more worried about our Goals against.