Friday, November 4, 2005

A Costly Victory (double entendre, read on)

Edmonton 4 (OT)
Detroit 3

Pay per View TV: A chance to see your favourite players naked, behind the scenes, perhaps even with low angle shots of Chris Pronger's balls.

So maybe some things are best left behind the dressing room door, but the Oilers came out of Joe Louis with their fourth-straight win, looking less and less like the team that got kick-dropped by Colorado in a 7-1 loss.

It was another in what is becoming a typical Oilers win: good aggressive cycling down low and along the boards, sound defensive play, a bunch of blocked shots, a powerplay goal tossed in and, um, Chris Pronger. The blocked shots is particularly impressive, partly because I know MacT is big on BS drills, but also because on a given night it's often the one thing the Oilers do extremely well. Most teams Wednesday night had around 10-11 blocked shots (Florida, being the lowest at 3); the Oilers had 23, including 4 from Pronger.

It's amazing how the things roll along when you're winning. Horcoff and Torres probably didn't deserve to score their goals, Detroit's PP almost beat us like its beat 9 other teams straight, and Stoll didn't hurt us with his 5 missed shots. Plus, Shananhan hit the post with 5 minutes left. Markkanen, I'm happy to point out, was the best goalie on the ice.

On a sour note: we've lost two defencemen. Bergeron got a puck on the hand, hopefully nothing freaky like Mike York's compound fractured digit last year, but it doesn't look good though based on the way he left the ice. Cory Cross reportedly has a sprained MCL, which, if true, could mean he's gone for weeks. This alone has to explain why MAcT put Semenov out there in the last minute of the game...or does it? Either way, yikes. I guess we better get Syvret, Dan Smith or possibly Greene on a plane for tomorrow's game in St. Louis.

Anyway, Covered In Oil readers, for old time's sake, I hope you screamed "OILELRRZZ" into a stranger's face on a ETS bus for me tonight. And stay with us and our meagre posts... our sad blog reporters may have been up to their asses in work this week, but our foam puckhats are screwed on tighter than ever.

Game Rating: 7 1/2 Christian LaFlammes out of 10 Pat Hughses.

Also, memo to Kevin Lowe: hope you got a good look at Marty Biron in that 10-4 blowout loss to Ottawa. Looked very Salo-esque, I must say.


sacamano said...

The word on the radio was that Bergy would require surgery and will be out at least a week.

Chris! said...

Thanks again for picking up the slack, Mikey; I guess it's kind of sad that the only guy of the three of us who has had time to watch the Oilers lately is the one who doesn't even live in Edmonton.

But rest assured, the good ETS-riding people of Browntown are well aware of my stance on the Oilers and their propensity to make me holler their name in strangers' faces.

Steve said...

Pat Hughes - wow. You might have outdone your Gord Mark comic with that one.

Speaking of which, weren't we promised another installment a while ago?

mike w said...

>Speaking of which, weren't we promised another installment a while ago?

Yikes! I've got to get on that Scott McLelland one I wanted to do. Thanks for the reminder.