Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here come the Hawks

Sweet Lord.

Too drunk to really say much. I went drinking and dancing at some place called The Boat here in TO, which kind of sucked because, like all Indie DJs, this one had to play things that were completely undanceable. Something downright Aryan about the whole 60s themed thing: for every odd Smokey Robinson ditty there were 6 or 7 Herman's Hermits or Gerry and the Pacemaker songs. Damn this town, Colby was right. Too many "projects" and themed parties, including the pillow fights and flash mobs. Maybe it's just this town, but I don't ever remember fun being so manufactured and self-conscious. Cute girls, though!

What's this, again? A Hockey blog? Oh yeah. All I can say is that I'm thanking the stars Hemsky didn't get knocked out for the whole season with that Cullimore knee-on-knee. Chicago played a great game and we missed a few chances to take it away from them. Simple as that. Raffi Torres on After Hours: he's gonna have to shave that porn landing strip off of his chin, right away.

Oh, and it would have been nice if one Albertan team could have beaten the fucking Hawks, just for old times sake. Flags at half mast!