Saturday, November 5, 2005


Oilers 7
A Bunch of Hobos who Found Some Blues Jerseys in the Dumpster Behind the Savvis Centre 2

Well, It's been nigh on two weeks since the Oilers found that bottle of magical fairy potion that adorned then with the powers of not sucking shit, and I've gotta say, there's doesn't look to be much to complain about these days in Browntown. Horcoff and Smyth are back in the lineup and tearing it up; Chris Pronger is dominating games the way he should; thanks to an elbow to the face, Mike Peca has some time to mull over whether he's capable of accepting the role Edmonton needs him to play; and Ty "Joaquin Gage" Conklin is in the minors where he belonged all along.... oh yeah, and it turns out Jarret Stoll is the greatest hockey player in Canadian history now, apparently. Add it all up, and it equals five straight wins with 26 goals for and a scant 10 against, and a powerplay that, despite Craig Simpson's palsied mumblings, has gone eight for 29 (28%) in the same span. In other words, welcome to Wintown, Alberta, population WHOO!

Really, I don't think there's much to say about Edmonton's 7-2 dry-humpering of the Blues last night other than holy shit does St. Louis look back without Weight and Tkachuk. Legitimately unthreatening. And while Patrick Lalime was sincerely terrible in net, we did score some pretty little goals (in particular on that first 3 on 2. Yikes.) Yep, when the Oilers are playing well, it's almost scary how complete our team can look. Also scary, however: how good we looked without Peca in the lineup. Torres-Stoll-Dvorak were on a rampage last night, and Kyle Brodziak is getting more comfortable every day. I know we're stuck with him all year no matter what happens, but I'll be interested to see how Peca's return affects team chemistry. I could totally see it going either way.

Anyhow, I'll leave you all now with some poignant observations proffered by one TSN post-game thread participant named petew, who kind of sounds like he's recovering from a long, severe fever, but sums it all up nicely nonetheless, I think.

Oilers are this good? After losing 7 straight? Now this? MacT is suddenly a genius? Are the Oil for real? Will they remain unbeaten? Will they win the Stanley Cup? Oiler fans love it? ETown is loving it. With the Eskimos and Oilers, there is no stopping them both. Both teams can, and may do it. Watch. Is this real????
Man, it's true: if the Oilers and Eskimos could only set aside their differences and learn to work together, nothing in this world could stop them from, uh... winning the Grey Cup and then melting it down and drinking it out of the Stanley Cup, I guess?


Anonymous said...

In December 1987, during a wild night of partying, players from the Oilers and Esks actually welded the Cups together to form what sealed legal documents describe as "an extremely crude robot." You did NOT hear this from me.

Randy Whzzo in the hizzo said...

Thanks for the scoop, Anonymous. That's the sort of insight and inside dope that sports journalists won't print -- or can't get at!
I'll also draw your attention to Chris Prongers quote about his bruised pinky toe: "I'm day-to-day with hurt feelings."

Chris! said...

"I'm day-to-day with hurt feelings."

Wow, I totally didn't hear that. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you mean Manny Legace? Lalime is with Chicago and hurt right now. From a Sens fan... they can have him.

Iffy said...

This anonymous quote from this morning is priceless. This is a good clue as to why they don't want to leave an identifier! A similar score and a year later. It's a strange coincidence, but still...

Anonymous said...

Got here from a link TODAY didn't see the date... meant no disrespect! But still... relax