Saturday, November 5, 2005

Inane Sports Blather

Ah, I wish I was a sports journalist. Slovenly fan-boyish and often lazy, they seem to be given a free ride by their newspaper brethren just because they cover sports. Plus, they probably get free hot dogs at games. Not to sound like a prick, but anyone (including its author, Bucky Gleason) could have written this bit of "news" from the, um, Buffalo News:

Michael Peca has not played well in his first season in Edmonton, and already rumors are percolating that he's on the trading block. Peca had just one goal and four points in his first 10 games and has done little to justify his $3.99 million salary.

The Oilers, who had lost seven straight, are looking for help knowing Peca isn't suited for the top line. He was shipped out of Long Island to make room under the salary cap for Miroslav Satan and Alexei Zhitnik. The Oilers hailed him as one of their top acquisitions, along with defenseman Chris Pronger.

"He's been very average," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "The time of feeling his way into the situation here is over. We need more intensity from him and a better performance."

Rumours? Where? From who? Do you know anything for sure? Some Google, a little cut and paste, and a sip of morning coffee and you have half a column written right there. Arrgh! Lowe is not Mike Milbury and he's not gonna trade Mike Peca. Hell, compare him to Sather. To trade Peca is to admit to failure, which is something most GMs are smart enough to avoid. Just listen to Lowe talk about Conklin these days and you'll get the idea.

PS: Chris is currently on a couch, digesting the Oilers high-carb victory over the lowly Blues. He'll have a little thing we call a "Game Report" updated soon...


Colby Cosh said...

On a cheerier note, Andrew Cogliano is lighting up the NCAA (6-7-13 in his last five games). You might want to put a tail on the kid to go with the next Shrimp-et-Poulet update.

Pleasure Motors said...

Huh, I totally forgot to do one of those this week. Whoops.

Oh well, prepare for this Sun/Mondays extra-special super extravaganza Schremp/Pouliot update!!1!

Rob Schremp said...

When you make your next post, could you please add another quick picture of Chris Pronger's balls....

It's so lonely down here in the O...

Colby Cosh said...

Right now, somewhere in Sherwood Park, three kids sitting around a garage just decided to name their "postpunk" band "Chris Pronger's Balls".

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

A few things from your previous post that I hate to take issue with, not the least of which is how sports writers "get a free ride" because they cover sports.
But, I'll limit this to a defence of Bucky Gleason.
1) Not a lot of people in Buffalo read the Edmonton Sun, the Edmonton Journal, listen to Rod Phillips stroke-out night in/night out.
2) Buffalonians are probably interested to see what Mike Peca is up to.

Therefore, Bucky is providing a service o his readers in the form of a brief update on a former big wheel in the Sabres organization. I'm guessing this was in a notes package.
Job well done, Bucky. Though it obviously doesn't satisfy some peoples preternatural hunger for indepth Oilers coverage, I'm sure it gave the good people of Buffalo exactly all they ever wanted to know about the Edmonton Oilers.

Colby Cosh said...


5. Buffalonians
4. Buffalloos
3. Des buffaloirs
2. Old Bisonians
1. Bufferins

mike w said...

>Though it obviously doesn't satisfy some peoples preternatural hunger for indepth Oilers coverage

Sure. But my overall point is that a good hockey reporter/columnist, one with inside access to players and management, would actually offer INFORMATION and not refried speculation from webboards.

Also, I prefer the term "Buffs."

The Great Randisimo said...

How does the beat reporter for the Buffalo Sabres have any inside access to the situation in a team 4,500 kms away in another conference? Why would his readers care?
Frankly, if he wrote any more on the Oilers, I'd wonder why he wasn't spending that time scooping on the Sabres -- which is how he should be judged.
And I doubt he scraped this off webboards. Sometimes you actually have to state the obvious.

Also, I believe the term is Bison.