Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Marchant: Waived!

Well, we have the first salary dump trade of the New NHL, with Anaheim shipping Sergei Federov and his $6.01 million contract to Coulmbus for Tyler Wright (remember him?) and seventh defenceman D Francois Beauchemin, both who make less than a million each. Good move by Burke: Federov was never going to be worth his salary, even if he score 35 goals. He's also 36 and full of groin injuries this season.

Doug McLean is also a moron
. The worse this team gets, the closer they inch up to the the salary cap ($37 million and counting). Todd Marchant once had a career year in Edmonton, scoring 20 goals, so McLean signed him to a ridiculous contract. Now to make room for Federov he's waived Marchant and will have to take up half of the bill if any other team picks Marchant up. Duh. Marchant was also popular in the locker room and when I last checked, a hard worker; I can't imagine the team will respond too well after losing a de facto captain in a salary dump.

I'm curious to see who'll pick up Marchant, he's a good player but expenisve after this season's discount of $1.25 million (he's carting around a contract with 3 more years at $2.5 million). Someone will. It just better not be the Oilers... YOU HEAR ME, LOWE!?


Colby Cosh said...

"Thank you for calling the office of the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. All of our operators are currently busy. Your call is important to us, but we're going to go ahead and sign Marchant anyway, sucker. To register your displeasure, press 1..."