Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oilers Gone Wild!

Well, after a downright lacksadaisical game against the Sharks, the Oil "bounce back," as the say, for a high-spirited win over Minnesota. I don't know what people are talking about with the Wild, but this game was at least 37 times more open and free-skating than the San Jose game, and the Wild played an up-tempo, hard style that worked well for Oiler hockey. I could watch them play pretty much any day of the week, especially since I think we can beat them six out of the seven of them.

(To your right at this particular moment are Ethan Moreau, who scored the game-winning goal, Chris Pronger, who got the assist on it, and Raffi Torres, who had a goal and an assist, as did linemate and dynamic duo-er Jarret Stoll, by the way.)

I'm starting to find things like transitions, conjuctions and flow a little annoying, so how about we finish this puppy off in point form?

-Morrison was once again fairly solid. The first two goals were just fantastic passes he had no chance on (Marian Gaborik! Holy shit is he talented!), and the third, while probably stoppable, certainly wasn't an easy save.

-Most people consider Manny Fernandez the better of Minnesota's goalies, but Roloson is no slouch, either. There was a series in the third period were he must have robbed the Oil three or four times in a row.

-Our offence looked hot tonight. We probably could have had two more goals were it not for Roloson, and every line, even the much-maligned fourth, had scoring chances. The powerplay moved the puck well, too, even if it didn't connect.

-Big Georges can't do much else these days, but Jesus did he drop Dan Boogard like he was hot (Boogard's 6'7", by the way). It took them about ten seconds to properly square off, but the first left Georges landed as soon as he grabbed Boogard's jersey hit like a cement hand (yes, it has a double meaning). Kudos to Boogard for even taking Georges on, though. I sort of miss fighting, you know. Not that there should be a lot of it, but one dust-up a game, if legitimate, is a welcome thing.

-Marc-Andre Bergeron isn't a stalwart defensively, but he can drop a big hit every so often, and he caught two Wild players with decent pastings tonight. He played with Pronger most of the night, and he looked great. Cross and Ulanov didn't seem to lose anything, either.


Colby Cosh said...

The Wild have been playing firewire hockey all year--were doing it even before Gaborik came back. It looks like a weird use of a talent assemblage that has Wes Walz as a leading star (and no longer has Richard Park), but they seem to keep up, more or less.

Now that Cechmanek's shambled off to Styria or wherever, Roloson is the sloppiest technical goalie in the NHL, but he gets the job done. I think if you check, Fernandez's numbers tend to be very slightly superior.

mike w said...

Thanks again for picking up the slack with your prodigious posting, Dave.

For me best part was during the first intermission interview with Raffi Torres on his linemate Jarret Stoll:

"...he's really done well and I'm proud of him... well not, proud - that sounds gay."

And of course, in the post-game lockeroom celebration, picked up by a mic:

"That was FUCKING HUGE, Pronger!"

Ah, pay-per-view. A few authentic moments and an intermission presentation on how they take down the ice at Rexall Place after games. Well worth the money if they win, I guess.

And I promise not to mention the Peca giveaway. Yikes. Nice to see Bergeron get last minute ice time and even nicer to see Laraque destroy that Boogaard stiff (I confess to rewinding and watching the punches frame-by-frame).


sacamano said...

I can't tell you how disturbed I am by that image. I'd much rather see another photo of Chris Pronger's balls than his boobs. Wait, that's not what I meant, Raffi?