Monday, November 7, 2005


He finished straightening his friend's tie, then ran his fingers down his powerful chest, a chest he had longed to get lost in for so long. It had been weeks since they were last in the same city, and would be weeks more until they got a chance to see each other again.

He pulled lightly on the tie, half pulling his partner towards him, until Robbie's hand pressed lightly against his chest. He cocked that half-smile Marc loved so much, and shook his head.

"I know," said Marc, defeated. "You have a game."

They both looked down at Marc's hand, still on the tie. He dropped it, and brushed the hair away from his eyes, blinking away tears.

"Well, go on, superstar."

Robbie put his hands, those hands that would record a goal and two assists in two hours time, on Marc's shoulder, then turned without saying a word. He picked up his suit jacket, and headed towards the door, Marc's eyes heartbreakingly glued to his cocky swagger. The door closed heavily, and Marc fell agonizingly onto the hotel bed, choking on his melancholy. It would be another night of frozen dinner and sports highlights, alone.

The update:

Marc-Antoine Pouliot
GP: 11
Pts: 8

Notes: It's been a few weeks, and by all accounts Poliout has done okay for himself. Only one goal, in a 7-6 win against Syracuse (miraculously, Conklin was not in goal for Hamilton for that game), but he's had four assists in his last three games, and has lead his team in shots on several occasions, including five in a 4-2 loss to Hershey. The only sore spot seems to be his defence: he's been a minus player in four of the last seven games, including being -1 in a 6-5 loss to Toronto where he had two assists, and wasn't once better than even. Aside from that, though, he sits in the top-20 of AHL rookies for scoring, and has a regular spot on the PP. Not bad, I guess.

Robbie Schremp
GP: 12
G: 15
A: 30
P: 45

Notes: After being named OHL Player of the Month for October, Schremp has slowed down a bit, but he's still second in the league in scoring, despite having played five less games than league leader/teammate David Bolland. The Knights lead the league with a ridiculous power play percentage of 33.8, and also have 111 goals total, another league best. Unfortunately, apparently none of their players ever go to school. But man can they play hockey.

GP: 9
G: 7
A: 8
Pts: 15

Notes: Cogliano scored three goals and added three assists against Notre Dame this week, and won the CCHA Rookie of the Week award for his troubles. He's currently second in team scoring (also first in the league for rookie, or "freshman" scoring), and is tied for first on the team with four powerplay goals. Interesting fact: he was held scoreless in his first three games, meaning he's scored all 15 points on his current six-game point streak. Diggity damn.


sacamano said...

Ummmmm. Thanks for the update. I think.

mike w said...

Schremp, I've seen that coiffe-flattened brow thing before, but there's no doubt about it: YOU'RE GOING BALD.

At 20 you're worse than me; I can already see the classic receding hair peninsula.

Oh, and how bout those Oilers!? 8 shots on net in the third period. PPV is especially a rip-off tonight.

Julian said...

At least wait a couple of years till you involve Cogliano in these tales, he's still young and innocent.

sacamano said...

Did you at least get some PPV balls?

Colby Cosh said...

Two minutes for slashing!

Geddit?? Gedditttt???? Slashing....?


mike w said...

I was thinking of doing another installment of Slash Fiction Featuring Rival Teams, mostly because I missed out on lines like,

"Hold me, Tony Amonte, if only for a couple minutes."

"[Giggling] Please Matt Stajan, how am I going to get ready for practice with all of your CLUTCHING and GRABBING? Don't you ever get enough?"

ETc, etc. This stuff is GOLD. It writes itself, really.

GOLD >:0