Monday, December 12, 2005

Bi-Weekly Schrempdate

Remember, a while back, we were talking about ugly NHLers? Well, in that picture, Poutine looks like he should be dragging his knuckles across the ice. Yikes. Give that mug ten seasons of NHL hockey, and we'll be recommending full face masks. It sort of makes me doubt his abilites as a top-two-line player.

But anyway, this has obviously become a bi-weekly update, so let's get on with it.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot
GP: 28
G: 6
A: 13
Pts: 19

Notes: A fairly good fortnight for the young lad. In eight games, he pots seven points, including three goals. He actually scored the game winner the other night against the Houston Aeros, which according to the Bulldogs website give him the team lead for GWG with two. He was a bit rough the last time we checked in, but definitely picked up his game. He had two assists in a game November 30, one of three multiple-point games over the past two weeks. He's been consistent, usually even, and always with two or three shots each game. This sort of seems like the Pouliot we're looking for, and if he keeps up this pace, by the end of the year, he should definitely be hunting for a roster spot. Oh, he's also regularly in the starting lineup, for what that's worth.

Robbie Schremp
GP: 25
G: 30
A: 43
Pts: 73

Notes: Rob Schremp has finally done it! Teammate David Bolland has fallen to Robimus Prime, with a measly 71 points to Schremp's 73. Hot Rob leads the league in points now, and has factored in on nearly half of his team's 157 goals for. And oh, yeah, defence: he's plus 10, tied for fifth on the team (Bolland is -3, for comparison sake). More importantly, though, he's gearing up to help lead Team USA at the World Junior's (he joins them next Sunday), is going to be visiting a children's hospital this week to spread cheer (aww!) and has an MSN fan group set up devoted entirely to him. I have no idea how I missed that until now, and there's not much action on it, but still, it's nice to know I have something in common with 15-year-old girls with names like (heart)44schremp44(heart). No offence meant, 15-year-old girls: at least you have some taste.

Andrew Cogliano
GP: 17
G: 8
A: 11
Pts: 19

Notes: Cogs only had one weekend of games over the last two weeks, as the NCAA has gone on break for exams and the like. Not his most spectacular outings or anything, but he still got a goal and an assist. He's been invited to Team Canada's camp, and likely has a fairly good shot at making it.


Matt said...

The pic actually looks like he should be saying, "Voulez-vous les fries avec ca?"

Robert Cleave said...

PM, I don't know if you caught last night's London-Guelph game, but Schremp outdid himself with his celebration after scoring the shootout winner. He got up a head of steam, slid on his ass, and pretended he was paddling a kayak. Hil-frickin-larious.

Chris said...

Well, look at this this way. We may not have Shremp this year. But next year he has a shot at the Calder?

Colby Cosh said...

World Juniors? How about the U.S. Olympic team? There's no reason the American selectors need to be as stubborn about this as Lowe and MacTavish.

Anonymous said...

What Schremp is doing is nice and all, but he's still playing against 16-year olds.

U.S. Olympic team and the Calder? That's a pretty rosy outlook for a guy who's doing pretty much what Corey Perry did to the OHL last year. (Perry - who hasn't found a spot in the Ducks lineup full-time yet and is in the AHL.)

Schremp won't even be the best player at the WJC's if Malkin shows up.

Colby Cosh said...

I was exaggerating for the sake of a cheap shot, but if the U.S. is looking at Ryan Malone, you'd think they could at least glance at Schremp.

Anonymous said...

I actually think keeping Bubba Gump Schremp in the minors is a good idea. Anyone who has played against other grown-ups knows about the power of "Old Man Strength". You know, you're playing in beer league and some old man who doesn't look like much just rocks you. He's got the "Old Man Strength."

Can we honestly say Robbie would have a lot of success going up against guys like Rob Blake, McCabe, Lidstrom, etc? I say give him another year and let's get a more fully formed player.

Trading Juicy, however, is a top priority.


Anonymous said...

Just got my ticks to two USA games at the WJC's. I'll see Robbie against Finland and Norway. (Hey, I'm a student. USA/CAN tickets just aren't in the budget.)

Plus, hopefully now I can see Schremp really fill the net.

Hopefully Chorney and Paukovich get some icetime too.