Saturday, December 31, 2005

Feeling bad, 2006-style

Pronger and Bergeron: you suck!!

Just kidding. But Lord Thunderin' Christ, what a way to lose, on a double bank shot off of Bergeron and Pronger. Good game, though, all Albertans agree - but Edmonton can't win 'em all.

Goalies weren't much of a factor, more troubling for the Oil. Lowe has to make a move, just ask Kelly Hrudey, who dedicated a whole "Behind The Mask" segment on our merde goalies.

Simply put, this team is too good to be let down almost every single game by weak goaltending. It's a broken record for Oilers fans, but certain luxuries afforded to teams like Calgary, like the odd giveaway, or a lack of any offence past the first line, are things we can't get away with because of weak goaltending. A goalie simply hasn't stole a game for us all season. I know, I know, they're in short supply... Thank god for four Powerplay goals, making our 2004 PP woes seem like a distant memory. Funny what Stoll and Hemsky can do, with Smyth in the crease. And Kiprusoff is good, but he got plain beat by Hemsky, so stop trying to make excuses for him Jim Hughson and Greg Millen, you bitches.

We lost because the Flames got physical and had a pretty good forecheck. But it could have gone either way.

Some notes on the Calgary Flames:

- He's a great rookie and all, but Dion Phaneuf looks like he's 45, and he has no eyebrows.

- Pronger on Iginila: suddenly I like our chances if we ever meet this jackass team in the playoffs

- In his spare time, Bryan Marchment enjoys taking penalties and losing position going for big hits. He sucks. It's something the Oilers knew ten years ago when we first got rid of him. And you know he's bad when the Leafs didn't want him. It's okay, we have Cory Cross.

- Why didn't we get this Huselius guy instead of Krys "Master of Waivers" Kolanos ?

- I made the mistake of asking why Shean Donovan sucked so much on BoA, so I apologize. Seriously though, he had a 35 goalless streak? He should have been run off the team by now...

Anyway, a wonderful kickoff to the New Year: a ten hour shift at work and an Oilers loss. Whooo!

Game Rating: 8 Steve Smiths out of 10 Ryan Smyths


Randy said...

Edmonton likely balked on getting Huselius because he was questioned along sith several teammates regarding a rape while he was playing in Sweden last year.
Here's a weird prediction: in a week or so, the Edmonton Goaltending situation will look unbeatable. No trades or anything, it's just that every single Oiler has rode a giant series of waves this year, and it's about time that the goalies got on the upswing.

Colby Cosh said...

So is Calgary now officially going with the Roy Shivers "Hire the very best criminals and perverts you can find and let them play" team-building plan? (Because that would explain the McCarty signing.)