Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gone and Forgotten

Well, the muddle of our fourth liners has one less body gumming up the works. As you probably heard already, Krys Kolanos was picked up on waivers by Phoenix, the team the Oilers originally snatched from weeks ago.

He only played about 6 games, so many Oilers fans were left scratching their puckhats. But with the Xmas roster freeze the Oilers wanted to have an extra defenceman (the Matt Greene callup), and Kolanos was sent down because of his two-way contract. Jani Rita, the one guy who truly doesn't belong on the team, has a one-way deal, meaning he gets paid $450,000 no matter where he plays.

If it hasn't been beaten to death already, I'll say it again: the waiver rules are ridiculous. Surely, there can be a better way to prevent rich teams from stashing salary in the minors (like an AHL salary cap, or a waiver exemption based on salary?), since the new deal punishes slightly overpaid good AHLers in favour of cheap, mediocre ones (like that Eklund ECHL goalie Tampa Bay used earlier this year). That and teams aren't given the flexibility to move out players who need a boost in the minors for fear they'll get get picked up on waivers.

This way, Rita sits on the bench and in the press box instead of getting more ice time in Iowa or Hamilton, which is probably what he needs. That and the Oilers seem to be suffering from their lack of room for developing fringe players: the waiver rules hurt, but so does the lack of a proper AHL club. Imagine: room in Hamilton for Morrison or Conklin, instead of making up our minds and paying for it in possible NHL losses; and also room to see if Rita is even worth keeping. The good news is that Oilers are sniffing for a farm team: likely in Moline, Illinois next year.


Colby Cosh said...

The Sharks wanted to put an AHL team there this summer, but they couldn't cut a deal with the UHL Quad-City Mallards, who hold the lease for the arena. What are the Oilers supposedly going to do different?

Chris! said...

Burn down their city hall?

mike w said...

Dammit Colby, why do you have to make waves at this blog by actually doing your own research?

Thing is, all I could find about this was from a short blurb in Matty's Sunday column. It's the kind of aggravating behind-the-scenes sports-business journalism that I wish the guys with actual media access would do more of. Kansas Citry has also been batted around although they may end of with the Penguins if they decide to move.

Steve said...

Can anybody explain to me why it made sense from the Coyotes' perspective to pick Kolanos back up on waivers right after waiving him? I'm kind of confused.

mike w said...

My guess is that they were hoping no one would take him the first time they sent him down (ie. they had to put him through waivers before they could send him to the AHL and were willing to take the risk).

Chris! said...

As MIke and I were talking about last night, it was probably the case that Phoenix never wanted to waive Kolanos at all, but were hoping to sneak him through for a stint in the minors. They lost him, but as soon as he was back on waivers they snatched him back.

Stupid? You decide. (It is.)

Of course, I'm sure that Cosh and all his "effort" will probably turn up a more official explanation.

Anonymous said...

The correct answer is that Kol-anus was picked off waivers by the Coilers as a favor to Wayner and then promptly given back after he had some more conditioning here in Oniontown. (This is based intirely on speculation and unfounded cynicism related to the Coilers incestous management practices)

The deal was hatched over soy shooters at a secret military research facility/golf course in the Arizona desert where Wayner's eerily beautiful children were grown from pods. (This part is true.)

Excuse me now as I fast forward to Janet's nude scene with Matt Dillon on my exclusive collector's edition DVD of the "Flamingo Kid."


Colby Cosh said...

There was a time when I would have been embarrassed to admit that finding the thing about the Mallards only took, like, 90 seconds of Googling. I have since learned (and civilians should be aware) that doing 90 seconds of Googling about anything makes you quite possibly the hardest-working journalist on the planet, especially if you're doing sports. Sorry to accidentally bring the work ethic with me into the comment thread--sometimes I forget to switch hats.

But rest assured it's not like I'd have a bunch of UHL facts at my fingertips if we were in the bar and there were no computers around. Honestly I'm not 100% sure the "UHL" even plays hockey--it sounds like something you'd find in a movie screenplay. Are there any other 'H' sports? Hurling?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the "Coilers" thing to me? I assume it's derogatory, but have no idea what it's supposed to mean. All I can come up with is something snake related, which I assume is not what this covers.