Thursday, December 8, 2005

Good PR

A lighter-side-of-things, heart warming Oilers moment:

Ryan Smyth let some 101-year old lady run her hand through his mullet for her birthday.

How this naturally carefree moment got past the normally uptight, gestapo-like Oilers Public Relations team is beyond me. Um, good for them.

In other news: Dvorak is on IR after pulling his groin (expect to see a lot more Rita), Sather has kindly let Conklin work on his sucky goaltending, care of the Rangers' Hartford Wolfpack, and Matt Greene will likely play his first NHL regular season game in Philly tonight. He looked shaky in training camp, but he's been a steady anchor in Iowa so far.

Bring on Philly, bring on 5 in a row...bring on the Mullet Streak!


Chris! said...

Man, that woman is instantly the coolest 101-year-old I know. And I know, like, a bajillion, so that says a lot.

Also, more Rita = awesome. You read it here first.

Oh, wait. the opposite of that.

I'm, uh, kinda drunk. OILERZZ?

Randy said...

Who'll win tonight? I know not, but I do know that we'll all lose, in that Rod Phillips won't have to wrestle with Jesse Ninnimaki trying to put the puck past Antero Nittymaki.
How quick could a guy fly in from Finland?

mike w said...

>I'm, uh, kinda drunk. OILERZZ?

Chris, you are a disgrace.

Oilers win 4-3!!@#!