Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The greatest gift of all: a Flames fan's pain

Edmonton: 5
Calgary: waah

Whoops! Little late with this game review, but hey—the best part about doing something for free is you can never get fired, so... like, deal with it, jerks. Also, sorry.

Anyhoo, gentlemen, I believe a cacaphony of WHOOs is in order following the Oilers' thrilling 5-4 gutpuncher of a win in Edmonton last night. By far one of the most exciting games I've watched this year, and quite possibly in the last two. Both teams weren't giving up an inch of ice, and the overabundance of checking forced both teams to elevate their game in tight and produce some pretty-looking goals. (Ulanov's slapper? Ulanov's other slapper? Possibly some other goals as well?) A win against their rivals in regulation was exactly what the Oilers needed to prove they were ready to play at an elite level, and all in all, it was a game well worth the price of admission. Especially, uh, when you go watch the game at the U of A's Room At The Top and don't pay admission at all. But I had a few beers, so... huh. It probably would have just been easier to come up with another cliché than write all this. But hindsight, sirs and ladysirs, is always 20/20.

REGARDLESS! Laptop's almost out of juice, so notes:

Mike Morrisson: After getting pulled for two games straight, yeah, I'd say Mayor Quimby's probably done. Thanks for the memories all the same, my good man, and remember—you're next visit is only three terrible Ty Conklin performances away!

Jani Rita: Who told you you could play hockey in the NHL? Because they were totally fucking lying. God, you suck. Nice giveaway on the first Calgary goal.

Calgary Flames: Where would you be without your goaltender? Dying in a gutter, that's where. We, meanwhile, have nearly matched your record while enduring valleys remarkably crappy netminding all year. And that means Edmonton is better. Except at goaltending.